Hello, I'm the owner of ArtWorks Resin Canada, and my name is Michele Donohue. 


I enjoy creating art in many mediums,  but I discovered resin art around 2015, fell in love with resin as an art medium shortly after.  My journey with resin began with resin artwork for walls, then later I added casting small items with resin as well. Many people assume when they here someone say "resin art", that it's just a topcoat or layer of resin over other art or surface.  Resin is used for that too, but that is generally referred to more as top-coating with resin (like adding a varnish coat). Resin art as I refer to it, is when you actually mix the coloured pigments into the epoxy resin, then create art with the pigmented resin.  I love adding layers upon layers of pigmented resin to create a piece.  The depth can be mesmerizing, and I love how a well done resin art piece can pull you in to stare at the layers of depth, that a camera never seems to be able to capture.  


Art can be very healing for the creator, and that is what drew me in to art about 25 years ago. I am a Canadian artist, that finds working with acrylics, alcohol inks, mixed media and resin a source of meditation and harmony that comforts and intrigues my soul.​ 


​It didn't take long for me to became obsessed, and I continue to push myself to learn with various resin techniques. Resin is full of numerous challenges, and learning curves, but  I am passionate about experimenting with this medium.  Sometimes I will utilize non-traditional painting techniques, combined with traditional techniques in my creative process, but mostly my quest is to continue to learn more ways to create with resin art. I cannot see myself tiring of the beauty and surprises that comes with the science of this art form. We artists often like to push the limits in our art, and when we do, sometimes it's trouble (lol), and sometimes it produces the most incredible creations. I find that over and over again when creating with resin.  There is always more to learn and more to push for in that next level.  I love that about resin art, and I cherish seeing that in customers works and  masterpieces too.


Resin casting & crafting is another fun & challenging way to work with resin. The things that can be made and done with casting resin are limitless. My mind is always full of ideas for casting creations, I just never seem to have the time to implement all those ideas.  But equally, I've found I love seeing others creations and supporting them in their journey. It's an awesome thing to watch an artist or crafter grow confidant & become their own in their artistic journey. I always look forward to seeing a customers new unqiue creation.

How ArtWorks Resin Canada came to be, is I was frustrated with the limited options at the time available to me as a Canadian resin artist. I found it frustrating to try to import,. Plus the exchange rate, customs, duties, international shipping plus domestic shipping costs were sometimes very expensive surprises, and the time it took to receive product was often lengthy.  I had been trying several resins, local and imported and came across ArtWorks right after it was newly released.  I instantly fell in love with ArtWorks for how I use resin.  I had several chats and spoke to the developer of ArtWorks out of California and we agreed I would become the Canadian Distributor for her product. I formed ArtWorks Resin Canada Inc., April 1, 2018, and my website went live July 1, 2018.  Shortly after my website went live, Liquid Diamonds Casting Resin was added to my product line.  It is a truly amazing casting resin to work with, and I have also been thrilled with it's results in casting projects and the many uses it's designed for.  ArtWorks has since added coloured tints, 3Dme, epoxy scrubs and more.

​In October 2019, I started carrying a beautiful designer and quality pigment line (with powders, pastes, and glitters), out of Australia, called Colour Passion Resin Art. I adore working with these products in my resin projects.


So basically, I am a very small Canadian business owner, that operates an online (​e-commerce) resin art supply business that I love.  I have grown in the resin field over the years along with many other fellow resin artists and customers, and I continue to learn from and try to help others to learn as well. I am thankful and grateful to all my customers and peers through the years.   


I do offer workshops in Airdrie, Alberta through a store called MukLuk MagPies Stained Glass Studio.  They also carry a small inventory of my two resin lines for anyone in the Airdrie/Calgary area that would like to pick up the resin in person.  Their info is on our contact page.