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Colour Passion Pigment Powders, Epoxy Pastes, Epoxy Tints and Glitters, from ArtWorks Resin Canada

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

We try to keep stock of the full line of all available Colour Passion Product line (when available), which includes Pigment Powders, Epoxy Pastes, Tints, Glitters at ArtWorks Resin Canada. Here is some general information about their beautiful and easy to use products that might be helpful. There are over 200 of their colourants on our site to choose from.

Colour Passion Pigment Paste. High quality truly intense Epoxy Pigment paste colourants especially formulated for use in epoxy resin. Colour Passion pigments are generally opaque, but when used in a smaller amount they can generate different levels of transparency. Use smaller amounts to build up to your desired tint. Start with 1-3% ratio of colourant to resin. For solid opaque it may need closer to 6%+ ratio to resin. If adding more is needed, keep in mind the general rule of thumb with adding colourants to epoxy resins, is not to exceed 10% ratio of colourant to resin ratio.

The Colour Passion Base Cell White Paste, can be used as a basic white, then if desired, other colours can be manipulated* over top of it to help achieve cells.

The Colour Passion Top Cell White Paste, can be used as a basic white, but if desired it also helps to get lacing and cells on top of your work when manipulated* over other colours.

*Manipulated, can mean using a heat gun or blow dryer, or swiping method (palette knife, paper, silicone spatula or other tools), to move colours gently over each other, followed again by light torching, or heat gun. It may take a bit of practice, but these epoxy pastes lace/cell quite easily once you have some practice. Be aware thinner (lower viscosity) resins, may not hold/keep the cell/lacing in place though. Sometimes a thicker viscosity resin is more suited to achieving and keeping the lacing/cells in place once achieved.

Colour Passion mica fine Pigment Powders are developed for Resin Art. Use a small amount and build up the colour to your liking (remember not to exceed the 10% colourant to resin ratio mentioned in our resin information section). From translucent to a solid opaque colour the colour options are endless. Create & mix powders from others in our collection to create your own distinctive colour desired for your resin art works.

Colour Passion Platinum Pigment Powders brings luxurious glimmer to your resin art work. Our platinum range comes in soft metallic and high grade max sparkle pigments. Create that lush lacing we all desire with our stunning Gold & Silver Platinum powders, that also add that extra bling to your art. Our Platinum max sparkle gives the ultimate sparkle and bling. The Platinum range comes in their signature test tube.

Colour Passion Sparkle Pigment Powder gives that bling bling effect to your masterpiece. Our sparkle range of fine pigments adds the amazing sparkly effects in your work especially with light reflecting on your piece.

The Colour Passion Sparkle Fluro Pigments are pretty flourescents for delicate pieces and extra bling and zing.

Colour Passion Metal Series Powders Create the sense of luxury by adding our gorgeous range of metal powders in your resin art creations. You can use our metal powders in many ways from mixing straight into your resin, adding it onto your art work to add lines or create cells. Or for a different effect floating it on top of your work. If floating it on top of your piece, you may need a flood coat afterwards if it's for a functional surface.

Colour Passion Interference colours produce different colours depending on the way the light strikes it, and shows different colours when viewed from different angles (one colour reflects and the other colour transmits). Technically, all opalescent or iridescent colours are created by interference. Colour Passions Interference colours are white based powders that produce a sheen of whatever the colour name is. When applied over white or lighter surfaces, the Interference colour is less obvious, and it's "flip" effect over dark colours is more obvious. If you put Interference colour on white clay, the piece seems to have no colour at all over light or white backgrounds, but you'll see a coloured sheen when it's turned beneath the light. Interference Red powder appears white on light coloured backgrounds, but when used on dark or black you'll see the red sheen much more. When they're applied very thinly over dark colours, they don't show the whiteness you see in the jar, just the reflective colour and they come alive. These are great for galaxy effects, & gemstone geode effects.

Colour Passion Change Sparkle Powders work the same way as the interference powders, in that they change so you can see them more over dark colours, but with a beautiful sparkle instead of an interference opalescent type colour change.

Colour Passion Resin Tints Can be used with all types of clear resins to achieve beautiful transparent colours. Create amazing appearance of 3d depth in your works with transparent layers, plus gorgeous effects when used on your art.

Colour Passion Glitters are the perfect addition to your art pieces requiring some pizazz by adding that extra sparkle. These glitters are for decoration in your artwork or castings. Works beautifully for wall art, coasters, cheeseboards and even in your castings. Their basic glitter line comes in Colour Passions signature test tube. But they have added chunky, square, holographic and mixed other glitters to their line that come in bags as well. When working with glitters, since they are not colourants changing the colour of the epoxy resin, you can break the general rule of adding more then 10% glitter to resin ratio to get the desired thickness needed for each application. Keep in mind, it still can heat up resins sooner, so keep an eye on the resin temperature while using any embellishments as well.

*Important: As mentioned above the general rule of thumb is to start with about 3% colourant ratio to resin, and only add more if needed, (you can check opacity on your stir stick), but never exceeding 10% colourant to resin ratio. Glitters are the exception to that ratio rule, since they don't colour the resin. Note, adding anything in to epoxy resin, does effect the pot life (work time) of epoxy resins. However, just keep watch on any & all cups it's mixed in, if it's starting to warm up, it needs to be used ASAP. If it's not used quickly, and an uncontrolled exothermic reaction has begun in the cup, it will overheat and get extremely hot in your cup. When this occurs the resin will quickly yellow from burning, and will no longer be able to be used. Epoxy resin heating out of control can foam, smoke, give off dangerous vapors and generate enough heat to melt it's container or cause nearby items to catch fire. If this occurs, , safely remove the overheating cup on to a fire-proof surface (a metal tray or concrete) outdoors. Once cooled, you can dispose of it. To avoid this issue, it is always advised to get your mixed resin on to the substrate as soon as possible. When it's applied in a thin film (or topcoat), it does not build heat, so the temperature through the thickness of epoxy stays close to the ambient temperature of the room.

Tip: Powders & pastes shift during shipping. Opening fine powders/glitters with a moistened paper towel (wet wipe, baby wipe or alcohol wipe), helps contain & prevent some of the dust going into the air & all over your hands upon opening. Pastes often get full pressure inside jars during travel, so open cautiously. Open over protected surface in case loose powder drops, or paste releases during opening.

To see tutorials using various Colour Passion products, they do have a YouTube page you can follow. As we are able, we will try to add some tutorials to our brand new you tube page as well.

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