Comparison between ArtWorks Resin & Liquid Diamonds Casting Resin.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

For people who are unsure about the differences between ArtWorks Resin & Liquid Diamonds Casting Resin, here is a condensed list of the features of each resin.

Comparison of both our resins differences & similarities to help you know which resin might be most suited for your project:

Keep in mind these two resins are developed for very different applications then each other. They can be used in other applications, just keep in mind they will perform best for the applications they are designed for.

***ArtWorks Resin is a top-coating resin, developed for artwork & coatings. It can be used for wall art, tumblers, cheeseboards, trays, coasters, table/counter tops & more.

***Liquid Diamonds is a Casting resin that was designed for the crafting industry. Things like jewelry, casting in moulds, pen turning, knife making, dice making, etc.

All resins start with similar basic chemical makeup, then each brand adds different chemicals to give them their unique features for their usage (which also gives their pros & cons depending on your needs & preferences).

ArtWorks = AW info is first by bullet •, then {Liquid Diamonds = LD in parentheses}

* AW has added UV protection and added HALS for extra UV resistance, {LD does not have HALS but has added UV protection}.

* AW is FDA Compliant, {LD is also FDA Compliant}. FDA 21CFR175.300

* AW Two-part resin with a 1:1 ratio, {LD is a w part resin with a 2:1 ratio}.

* AW Medium viscosity thick like syrup, {LD is thin viscosity like water}.

* AW No VOC's, { LD also has No VOC's }.

* AW No foul odour, has a faint scent, {LD low to no odour}.

* AW 100% Solid Systems Epoxy, {LD is also Solid Systems Epoxy}.

* AW Mix time 4 minutes, {LD 3-4 minutes mix time}.

* AW Work time (pot life) about 35-40 minutes depending on environment & additional heat used, {LD is 45-60 minutes depending on environment & usage} This is NOT how long you can leave in mixing cups. See individual resin info for more on that.

* AW is Fast curing resin in only (8 to) 12 hours temperature & humidity dependent, {LD Cures to demold time in about (18-) 24 hours, slow setting casting resin. Machinable at 24-48 hours @ room temperature of 78F}.

Note|: All resins continue to harden for 3-4 weeks after initial cure, at which time they reach their full hardness rating & heat rating.

* AW heat tolerant to 266 Fahrenheit, {LD heat tolerant to 244F}.

* AW cures very rigid and rock hard, does not remain pliable. Hardness D-83., {LD cured after 24 hours (1/4" sample) will exhibit very hard finishes hardness D-78}.

* AW Cures crystal clear like glass, {LD is also crystal clear}.

* AW Highest gloss finish., {LD high gloss finish}.

* AW 12 month shelf life unopened, 6 months once opened, {LD same shelf life}.

* AW max pour depth 1/8” (to apx 3/16”) per layer, {LD up to 2” or so per layer, temperature, humidity, mould shape & volume dependant}.

For more detailed information about each of these resins, see the information tab related to the product.

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