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iCoat CT60 & CTMV Medium Viscosity Countertop Art Epoxies

Updated: Apr 3

iCoat CT Countertop Art Epoxy AND CT Medium Viscosity (MV) .

The information is basically the same for both of these countertop art resins, with the exception of the viscosities (which also slightly affects cure time. Thicker curing quicker).

  • The regular Countertop CT60 is a High viscosity epoxy, the Medium (MV) is medium viscosity.

  • 1:1 ratio (measured by volume not weight). I'll add directions for *weight measuring below for those who prefer it.

  • Pot Life/Work Time 35-40 minutes depending on temperature & any added heat, Put on substrate as soon as possible to get most work time. If left to sit in cup, pot life will be quickly reduced.

  • Next layer or topcoat can be done in 8 hours or so .

  • Self levels up to 1/8" thick

  • Max pour depth 1/8" or 3/16" up to 1/4" (deeper on some jewelry type items, mass & volume dependent).

  • Cures to touch in 24 hours or overnight in warm room (continues to cure harder over next several days).

  • Do not cure in cool temperature, or cure may be incomplete.

  • High heat 500F scorch resistant.

  • Shore D hardness at 14 days cure is D85 (at 7 days cure is D80).

  • Both of these countertop art resins are available in 3 sizes (2 gallon, 1 gallon & 32 Oz kits).

***iCoat CT60 is a 1:1 ratio by volume. However, if you prefer to measure this resin by weight, (instead of the 1:1 suggested volume measurement),

weigh the Part B you require in grams,

and multiply that by 1.18, to get the amount of Part A in grams, that you will need to weigh out, to get correct ratio (when measuring by weight instead of volume).

***ICoat Medium Viscosity is a 1:1 ratio by volume. However, If you prefer to measure it by weight …. With iCoat Medium Viscosity, The part A weighs 16% more than the part B. So weigh the Part B in grams and multiply that by 1.16, and it will give you the weight of Part A to add (when measuring this epoxy by weight instead of volume).

To calculate volume needed on projects, please see our resin calculators page for assistance with both top-coating and casting epoxy volume estimates.

***Note: If creating resin ocean waves, I recommend the iCoat CT60 instead of the iCoat MV Medium Viscosity!!!

iCoat CT60 Countertop & Medium Viscosity (MV) Art Epoxy - Instructions:

Thoroughly mix equal parts of Resin Part A with Hardner Part B in a clean, dust free container, with a wooden, plastic or metal paint stir stick. Stir for 3-4 minutes, continually scraping the sides and bottom of the mixing container as well as the stir stick. Transfer entire contents into a second container and mix for an additional 1-2 minutes (this is not necessary if you are confidant with your mix). Mix a maximum of 1/2 gallon Part A to 1/2 gallon Part B. Mixing larger amounts will significantly decrease working time. Pour immediately onto countertop leaving a small amount in container for edges. Spread epoxy evenly using a foam brush. After applying, bubbles will appear. Use a propane torch held 6 inches from the surface, and sweep rapidly across entire surface until bubbles disappear. Process may need to be repeated if additional bubbles appear. This will leave a glass-like finish.

For best curing results, room temperature should be between 75-85F (24-29C). Cured to the touch in 24 hours, complete cure in 7 days.

iCoat CT60 Countertop & Medium Viscosity (MV) Art Epoxy Resin, General Information:

iCoat Countertop Art epoxy is an excellent finish coat for all types of surfaces iCoat Counter Art Resin will produce a crystal clear high-gloss finish with unparalleled non-yellowing protection. iCoat countertop art epoxy has excellent bubble release properties and can be built up to ¼” in a single pour. Self-levelling. This epoxy is formulated with excellent UV resistant properties, meets all usual countertop food-safe standards, and is scorch resistant to 500 degrees. This epoxy is also an excellent choice for jewelry, tumblers, coasters, doming and many other craft projects as well as being durable enough to withstand the busiest of restaurant tabletops and kitchens.

iCoat Countertop/Art Resin is the epoxy of choice for artisans and hobbyists working with jewelry, tumblers, coasters, charcuterie serving boards, and more. Low odor, safe for use indoors. Apply up to 1/4” thick over an area and to 1” mass in smaller molds producing crystal clear results.

Product Description: iCoat Countertop/Art Resin (Epoxy & Hardener) will produce a crystal clear high-gloss finish with unparalleled non-yellowing protection. Formulated specifically for Art. Self-leveling. Cures to touch in 24 hrs, fully cured in 3 - 7 days.

Application Instructions: Great for use with shallow silicone molds and art projects. Adheres to most material surfaces. Epoxy & Hardener must be between 75-85°F (24-29°C). Humidity should be under 60%. Temperature plays a huge part in great results.

Wearing nitrile gloves, mix equal parts of Epoxy & Hardener in a clean container with a stir stick. Stir until even texture (no striations following stirring stick in mix cup). To spread evenly on a dust-free non-porous surface use a foam brush. This will produce a glass-like finish. For the best curing results, room temperature should be between 75-85°F (24-29°C).

Surface Preparation: All areas must be dry and dust free. Try to use in a clean dust free environment.

Important Temperature Tip: Get your epoxy to a more workable temperature by ensuring the bottles are not cold, but warm.

You can leave the bottles sitting in semi-hot water to slowly warm before mixing the two parts together. Be sure to thoroughly dry the bottles off so no drips of water from outside the bottle can enter your mix cup while pouring, because that will effect the cure negatively.

Some people use a heat mat (seed warmers or reptile/pet heat mats also work) to set their bottles on to warm (use thermal gun to check if it's warm enough for desired results, as a seed matt may not bring it to high enough temperature).

Your work time/pot life will be effected by the temperature of the epoxy. If epoxy is too hot, or if it sits in mix cup, it can go into pre-mature exotherm (some also refer to it as flash curing).

If your epoxy is too cool, it will have tons of additional bubbles during & after mixing, and it will be harder to mix fully, which can cause an undesirable finish.


iCoat Products has been in the business in North America for 30 years, and creates quality products with superior results.

The iCoat products we are currently stocking in Canada, include:

  • 2 High Heat Counter Top/Art Epoxy Resins, two viscosity choices:

  • Their Regular Countertop epoxy is a High viscosity - iCoat CT60

  • Medium viscosity Countertop/Art epoxy - iCoat CTMV

  • 4 Castings Epoxy Resins

  • 1:1 ratio - iCoat CE4100 HV casting resin

  • 2:1 ratio - iCoat TP21 Hard Cast

  • 2:1 ratio - iCoat TP24 Hard Cast apx 24 hour cure

  • Deep Pour 2:1 - iCoat Depth casting resin

  • Fast Set epoxy - iCoat Fast Set great for tacking items on a surface

  • Urethane Primer/Sealer/Clear Coat that can also be used as a fast set - iCoat Wood Primer sealer Urethane 2112

  • Note: For lathe turning projects, Metal Illusion (is actually an iCoat flooring epoxy), but cures super hard and can be used for lathe type projects. If using on a floor, can be top coated with Renew which is a sacrificial acrylic coating or industrial grade urethane (not stocked in Canada, so if interested enquire about special ordering.).

Note: When using iCoat products, this manufacturer strongly advises use of a thermal gun (infrared thermometer), for best results using their epoxies. This takes the guesswork out of epoxy temperature, as the temperature of a room is not an effective guide. As you get used to using the thermometer, and you automatically check the temperature each and every time you use epoxy, you will achieve consistent results with your projects.

Where a project requires epoxy warmed for best results, iCoat suggests putting the bottles in a bucket of warmer to hot tap water (that correctly fits the bottles, so they don't tip sideways). Water conducts heat 20x faster then air, so it will work better & faster then a seed matt or other warming options.

Different projects and epoxies may require epoxy be heated more than others, so please refer to manufacturers recommendations.

However, if you are pouring the epoxy into a mould, you will need to ensure you get it to correct temperature to have the most clear bubble free results. But please do not heat higher then recommended or you can cause overheating, which can cause premature yellowing.

Visit image gallery of more products made using iCoat epoxies on our iCoat information page


iCoat epoxies listed above are at 90% full cure after one week, and about 95-98% cured at two weeks. Many resins continue to harden for up to 3 weeks, at which time they reach their full hardness, and also reach their full heat tolerance.

iCoat epoxies have the most current & up to date UV formulas added to help with UV Resistance & aging.

iCoat epoxies above are all 100% solid system epoxies.

iCoat epoxies above are all Super High Gloss - 135-140 on Gloss Scale.

Can be honed down to 85-90 if desired.

iCoat epoxies above are all FDA compliant and meet food safety guidelines.

iCoat epoxies accept all our pigments, micas and our other colourants.

iCoat epoxies are all No VOC's

iCoat epoxies are all 12 month shelf life unopened, 6 months once opened.

Storage and Handling: Store at or above 60°F (15.5°C). Do not store in direct sunlight. Non-flammable. No VOCs, fumes, or BPAs. Certified food-safe when cured.

Thinking about working on a few projects to bring to life and add magic? The Countertop/Artist Resin 1 gallon kit is a “clear” way to get amazing results.

The Countertop/Artist Resin 1 Gallon kit is enough to get you started and motivated for your next project.


Emergency and First Aid Procedures: Avoid skin contact. Wear nitrile gloves when handling. If skin contact occurs, wash immediately with soap and water, if abrasion is needed add sugar & a bit of oil to the soap mix (or use a mechanics degreaser scrub). If irritation persists, get medical attention. Eye protection is recommended. If eye contact occurs, flush with large quantities of water. If hardener or mixed resin and hardener is swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Dilute by giving water or milk to drink. If resin (part a) only is ingested, induce vomiting. Always get immediate medical attention if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.




(Available at


Here is an article from an iCoat art customer that might be of interest, called, "the Top 10 Things I learned the first time I used Epoxy Resin".

Note: On top-coating resins you can use a propane torch or butane torch for removing bubbles. (PS, for removing bubbles in moulds, I don't recommend using a torch when using silicone moulds. If it's a surface pour with easy access to top, you can use a bbq lighter and keep flame above project & away from the mould edges. Or, Many artists instead use a small fine misting spray of isopropyl alcohol), for example on lower layers in deeper moulds, (you don't want flame near the mould sides). But if you heat the two resin/hardener bottles up prior to mixing (use an infrared thermometer to take guesswork out of it), and keep project in a warm space throughout cure, you may find the bubbles will dissipate all on their own with the iCoat products. Best temperature is between 75F up to 80F for room, and for epoxy heat bottles up to 78-80F, prior to mixing, (except the CE4100 HV you would heat up to 82F). Note: Don't heat higher then suggested, or you risk causing overheating and pre-mature yellowing.

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