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iCoat Metal Illusions (option for lathe turning projects)

More Info on Metal Illusions coming soon.

We currently have a limited number of these small size kits, in stock. Enquire via contact page if interested.

This is a unique and different option, for lathe turning projects. Metal Illusion (is actually an iCoat flooring epoxy), but cures super hard. It is not for clear casting, colour needs to be added.

This epoxy is mixed 2:1 ratio by volume. It can go thermic quickly, so must be poured as soon as possible.

Application Instructions: MIXING RATIO: 2 parts of Part A to 1 part of Part B. Apply material without thinning. After the two parts are combined, mix well with slow speed mixing equipment such as a jiffy mixer until the material is thoroughly mixed and streak-free. After mixing, transfer the mixed material to another pail (the transfer pail) and remix. The material in the transfer pail is now ready to be applied on the primed substrate. Improper mixing may result in product failure.


iCoat’s Metal Illusion Epoxy is a thin-mil epoxy that has exceptional leveling properties and with the addition of iCoat SuperStains can be done in a myriad of colors.

iCoat Metal Illusion Flooring Epoxy is a 100% solid crystal clear flooring epoxy. It can be combined with iCoat Metal Illusion Powders to create metallic epoxy floors or as a crystal clear sealer over iCoat’s Concrete Flooring System and regular concrete. Can also be tinted with iCoat SuperStains and/or used as a tinted sealer. Other colourants can also be used.

For indoor use only.

Surface Preparation: The most suitable surface preparation is fine brush blast (shot blast) or light grinding to provide a suitable profile. All dirt, foreign contaminants, oil, and curing compounds must be removed to assure a trouble-free bond to the substrate. Make sure the floor surface is dry. To determine if the concrete is dry place a 4’X4′ plastic sheet on the substrate and tape down the edges. If after 24 hours the substrate is still dry below the plastic sheet, then the substrate is dry enough to start coating. For best results, apply material between 55° and 90° F with relative humidity below 85%. Lower temperatures will require more time for the material to cure. Apply with relative humidity below 85% for best results. Priming: The surface should be primed using iCoat Metal Illusion Primer to prevent outgassing and possible surface defects.


When using on a floor, can be top coated with Renew which is a sacrificial acrylic coating or industrial grade urethane (not stocked in Canada, so if interested enquire on our contact page about special ordering.).


This product can also be special ordered through ArtWorks Resin Canada in 3 Gallon kits (and if ordered direct from manufacturer, they can ship 15 Gallon and 150 Gallon kits).

Note: When using iCoat products, this manufacturer strongly advises use of a thermal gun (digital infrared thermometer), for best results using their epoxies. This takes the guesswork out of epoxy temperature, as the temperature of a room is not an effective guide. As you get used to using the thermometer, and you automatically check the temperature each and every time you use epoxy, you will achieve consistent results with your projects.

Where a project requires epoxy warmed for best results, iCoat suggests putting the bottles in a bucket of warmer to hot tap water (that correctly fits the bottles, so they don't tip sideways). Water conducts heat 20x faster then air, so it will work better & faster then a seed matt or other warming options.


iCoat epoxies listed above are at 90% full cure after one week, and about 95-98% cured at two weeks. Many resins continue to harden for up to 3 weeks, at which time they reach their full hardness, and also reach their full heat tolerance.

iCoat epoxies have the most current & up to date UV formulas added to help with UV Resistance & aging.

iCoat epoxies above are all 100% solid system epoxies.

iCoat epoxies above are all Super High Gloss - 135-140 on Gloss Scale.

Can be honed down to 85-90 if desired.

iCoat epoxies above are all FDA compliant and meet food safety guidelines.

iCoat epoxies accept all our pigments, micas and our other colourants.

iCoat epoxies are all No VOC's

iCoat epoxies are all 12 month shelf life unopened, 6 months once opened.


Storage and Handling:

Caution: Irritant. Store at or above 60F (15.5C). Do not store in direct sunlight. Liquid and ambient temperature of 75F (23.8C) will produce optimal results.

Emergency and First Aid Procedures: Avoid skin contact. Wear nitrile gloves when handling. If skin contact occurs, wash immediately with soap and water, if abrasion is needed add sugar & a bit of oil to the soap mix (or use a mechanics degreaser scrub). If irritation persists, get medical attention. Eye protection is recommended. If eye contact occurs, flush with large quantities of water. If hardener or mixed resin and hardener is swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Dilute by giving water or milk to drink. If resin (part a) only is ingested, induce vomiting. Always get immediate medical attention if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.



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