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iCoat TP21 & TP24 FC Casting Epoxy (both 2:1 ratio)

Updated: May 17

iCoat TP21 Casting Epoxy Hard Cast (48 hour)


iCoat TP24 FC Casting Epoxy Hard Cast (24 hour)

  • TP21 is a Low viscosity, TP24 is a Low-Medium viscosity

  • 2:1 ratio.

  • Pot Life/Work Time 40-60 minutes, dependent on temperature & any added heat in environment.

  • Pour 1/8" up to 2” (temperature, volume, mass & mould shape dependent)

  • The TP21 epoxy is a slower cure, and will still be liquidy at 24 hours. Cures to touch in about 48 hours (volume, mass & temperature dependent). Very Thin layers may take longer.

  • The TP24 FC will cure to demould around the 24 hour mark.

  • Heat tolerance between 250-300F

  • Shore D hardness at 14 days cure is D78 (at 7 days cure is D74).

To calculate volume needed on projects, please see our resin calculators page for assistance with both top-coating and casting epoxy volume estimates.

iCoat TP21 and TP24FC Hard Casting Epoxies, Pour 1/8" to 2" deep, TP21 cures to touch in 48 hours. Continues to cure over the next several days. TP24 cures to touch in about 24 hours. The TP24FC may need the bottles warmed ahead of pouring to assist in bubble reduction.

iCoat TP21 and TP24 Casting Epoxy will produce a crystal clear glass-like finish.

16 fl oz (472ml) covers approximately 30 sq ft.

These are both a hard curing durable resin. Can be used on thin castings like for jewellry, bookmarks, wine caddies, bubble free coasters and more. Great for river tables, floral casting & more.


Note: When using iCoat products, this manufacturer strongly advises use of a thermal gun (infrared thermometer), for best results using their epoxies. This takes the guesswork out of epoxy temperature, as the temperature of a room is not an effective guide. As you get used to using the thermometer, and you automatically check the temperature each and every time you use epoxy, you will achieve consistent results with your projects.

Where a project requires epoxy warmed for best results, iCoat suggests putting the bottles in a bucket of warmer to hot tap water (that correctly fits the bottles, so they don't tip sideways). Water conducts heat 20x faster then air, so it will work better & faster then a seed matt or other warming options.

Different projects and epoxies may require epoxy be heated more than others, so please refer to manufacturers recommendations. If unsure for your special project, please contact us, or iCoat.

However, if you are pouring the epoxy into a mould, you will need to ensure you get it to correct temperature to have the most clear bubble free results. But please do not heat higher then recommended or you can cause overheating, which can cause premature aging and yellowing.

Visit image gallery of more products made using iCoat epoxies on our iCoat information page


iCoat epoxies listed above are at 90% full cure after one week, and about 95-98% cured at two weeks. Many resins continue to harden for up to 3 weeks, at which time they reach their full hardness, and also reach their full heat tolerance.

iCoat epoxies have the most current & up to date UV formulas added to help with UV Resistance & aging.

iCoat epoxies above are all 100% solid system epoxies.

iCoat epoxies above are all Super High Gloss - 135-140 on Gloss Scale.

Can be honed down to 85-90 if desired.

iCoat epoxies above are all FDA compliant and meet food safety guidelines.

iCoat epoxies accept all our pigments, micas and our other colourants.

iCoat epoxies are all No VOC's

iCoat epoxies are all 12 month shelf life unopened, 6 months once opened.


Storage and Handling:

Caution: Irritant. Store at or above 60F (15.5C). Do not store in direct sunlight. Liquid and ambient temperature of 75F (23.8C) will produce optimal results.

Emergency and First Aid Procedures: Avoid skin contact. Wear nitrile gloves when handling. If skin contact occurs, wash immediately with soap and water, if abrasion is needed add sugar & a bit of oil to the soap mix (or use a mechanics degreaser scrub). If irritation persists, get medical attention. Eye protection is recommended. If eye contact occurs, flush with large quantities of water. If hardener or mixed resin and hardener is swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Dilute by giving water or milk to drink. If resin (part a) only is ingested, induce vomiting. Always get immediate medical attention if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.




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