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iCoat Urethane 2112 Primer Sealer Clear Coat (also works as a fast set)

Updated: Jan 7

iCoat Urethane 2112 Clear Coat, Wood Primer/Sealer (also works well as a Fast-Set option for some applications)

This is a high gloss, clear, non-yellowing, single component, quick drying

urethane dispersion, that is designed as a finish top coat. U2112 provides excellent adhesion over prepared substrates. Dry time is between 30-45 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.

iCoat Urethane 2112 Clear Coat, is a high gloss, clear, non-yellowing, single component

Fast-drying Urethane sealer can have multiple layers and can be sanded.​ The best way to seal wood preventing and mitigating outgassing/bubbles that may form on wood projects prior to coating with epoxy. Also works great as a sealer for wood decks and in places that moisture becomes present.

Instead of using fast-set epoxies that have a tendency to yellow, use 2112 as your base coat on tumblers so you can get all the bling onto them before adding the epoxy clear coat. Make sure it is completely dry before putting resin over it. You can use a heat gun or blow dryer to help process.

Note: Applying with a brush will leave brush streaks, so most applications are rolled on.



High Gloss Clear Coat

No VOC's

Non Yellowing


Great surface prep for resin projects (can also be used to seal glitter, vinyl, decals marble dips & more).

Can also use 2112 on tumblers to apply glitter and fabric and more.




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