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Which resin(s) can be used on different projects?

Updated: Jan 7

We have 4 different types of casting resins, and 2 types of top coating resins. Plus there is a fast cure resin (used for tacking items & sealing wood), and a Urethane (used for priming, sealing & finishing).

Sometimes people want to try to use one type of epoxy resin for all their projects. Depending on what types of resin projects you create, you may or may not be able to work with one resin.

Each type of Epoxy resin is formulated differently for certain projects, and best results occur when using correct resin for the job. There are other blogs on ArtWorks Resin Canada website that go into more detail about each of our iCoat resins specifics, but this is a brief outline to help guide which of our many options you might consider for your different projects. Contact us if what you are looking for is missing, or you're unsure.

There are hard cure resins (in top-coating and casting resins), and there are deep pour casting resins, and there are softer cure resins (often used in floral casting projects, but not suitable for thinner casting projects that may end up pliable in warmer temps ).

Some epoxy resins cure overnight, some take 24 hours, and some take up to 48 or more hours depending on which resin, and type of project.

As with all epoxy resins, depth, mass and volume also effect how you will use each epoxy on certain projects. You will need to refer to the specific epoxy resin descriptions to determine that information, but in general (& following the resins guidelines), these projects examples below can work with resins listed:

Ashtrays (require higher heat tolerance) - iCoat CT60 or iCoat MV Medium Viscosity Countertop/Art Epoxies, or for deeper depth moulds iCoat TP21 Hard Cast Casting Resin.

Bookmarks/Rulers (require harder cure resins) - iCoat MV (Medium Viscosity), iCoat CT60 countertop/art Epoxies, iCoat TP21 Hard Cast Casting Resin.

Charcuterie/Cheese Board servers - for the topcoating type (resin art on top of wood) use iCoat CT60 countertop/art epoxy, or if medium viscosity (less thick resin) is preferred CT Medium Viscosity.

If you are casting the boards in moulds, you will need a casting resin, such as iCoat TP21 or TP24. It will depend on how deep you want to pour each layer, and cure time will vary.

Coasters & Trays - Resin art on top of substrate or clear coating - iCoat CT60 Countertop/art epoxy (or iCoat Medium Viscosity).

If you are making Coasters & Trays by casting in moulds - iCoat TP21 Hard Cast Casting Resin, or iCoat TP24 Hard Cast Casting Resin. Or if desired, and you cast lots of shallow layers (in less then 1/4" depths per layer), then you could use one of the topcoating resins - iCoat CT60 or MV countertop/art epoxies.

Countertops and tables - iCoat CT60 Countertop/art epoxy (if creating with pigmented resin on top of a substrate or for clear topcoating, like a strong varnish). If for river table style, see below under river tables.

Fast Set/Primer - for quick tacking of glitter, vinyl clipart or stickers (such as on tumblers or other items) you can use either iCoat Fast Set Epoxy, or iCoat Urethane 2112 non yellowing.

Floral Casting - iCoat CE4100HV (1:1 ratio) casting epoxy, is the most commonly used epoxy for large floral blocks, pyramids and other floral casting pieces, however you can also use iCoat TP21 Hard Cast Casting epoxy, and iCoat Depth (deep pour epoxy) depending on the mould, mass & volume. There are very specific processes for floral casting, so check out blogs on ArtWorks Resin Canada Website if needing to learn more.

Jewelry - iCoat TP24 or iCoat TP21 Casting Resins (both are Hard Cast), but some artists use our topcoating (CT60 or MV) countertop/art resins for jewelry as well. The TP24 & TP21 can be used for thin 1/8" casting projects up to 1" deep roughly, per layer.

Lathe turning projects: iCoat TP21 hard cure casting resin. It does take a few days longer to be ready to turn on a lathe. Another option is the iCoat Metal Illusions. I have small sizes in stock to try if interested. Larger sizes may be special ordered. Metal Illusions epoxy should only be used tinted though, since Metal Illusions is not meant to be used untinted.

Primer/Sealer - iCoat Urethane 2112 non yellowing. Or iCoat Fast Set for priming but not sealing.

Ring Holder Moulds - iCoat TP21 or TP24 Hard Cast Casting Epoxy, or iCoat CE4100 HV (1:1 ratio) casting epoxy.

River Tables & river table style charcuterie/cheese boards (require a casting resin) - iCoat Depth deep pour epoxy, iCoat TP21 or TP24 Hard Cast casting epoxies are options for your river table castings. The size of the project, the volume and mass of resin needed will determine which resin is most appropriate for you projects.

Tables and Trays (same as Countertops above) - iCoat CT60 or iCoat MV countertop/art epoxies.

Top-Coating floral blocks, coasters, art etc. - Some floral preservation artists top-coat their resin blocks that were made with casting resin. The recommended top-coat used most is the iCoat CT60 counter-top/art epoxy. There is a video of this process if needed.

Trinket Trays made in moulds - iCoat TP24 or TP21 Hard Cast Casting Epoxy. If planning on shallow pours (pouring in less then 1/4" ) depth layers can use either iCoat CT60 or MV Countertop/Art Epoxies.

Tumblers - iCoat CT60 Countertop/Art epoxy (or iCoat Medium Viscosity).

Wall Art - iCoat CT60 Countertop/Art epoxy (or iCoat Medium Viscosity).

Wine caddies (require harder cure resins so they don't go bendy when hanging glasses on it) - iCoat TP24 or TP21 (both hard cast casting resins). Or if pouring in less then 1/4" layers, can use iCoat CT60 or MV countertop/art epoxy.

Word moulds - such as Love, Home or Family style moulds, need a hard curing epoxy. iCoat TP24 or TP21 (both hard cast casting resins). Or if pouring in less then 1/4" layers, can use iCoat CT60 or MV countertop/art epoxy.


Check out the various blog posts about each resin, or the quick reference on resin details, features and charachteristics of each icoat product on the ArtWorks Resin Canada website (blog post section).

To see more generic info on the iCoat epoxy resins, see the Product Info tab on menu bar of website, then click on drop down tab called iCoat product info

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