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Why am I Left With More Resin in One Bottle Than the Other once Finished a Resin Kit

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Often when artists are finished their resin kits, they find they have more of one part than the other (this is common in all brands). This can occur for a variety of reasons.

It is very common to have more of one part A (resin) or B (hardener) left than the other. Our bottles are filled by weight, & the manufacture often adds a bit more (so people actually receive more volume in bottles than stated). This is also why you should never dump both bottles into mix cup assuming they will be desired amount. Always measure by a manufacturer’s recommended suggestion.

With some of the medium and thicker viscosity epoxies, Part A is heavier than Part B, & those resins typically are developed to be measured 1:1 by volume (measure in cups). So these types of resins can NOT be measured by weight. There are other resins, where both Parts A & B weigh the same, that a manufacturer may say it can be measured by weight (scale) or volume (graduated measuring cups). Just remember to use double amount of Part A Resin (the bigger bottle), to the amount used from Part B Hardener (the smaller bottle).

***If you require or would like to request a half kit be added to website (to make available for purchase), please use website “contact us“, to advise us which resin type, which kit size, & which part (a or b), then I will add to site as per request, and let you know it is there ready for your purchase. Note: This half kit request needs to be done via website “contact us”, so we can confirm inventory of said item first, & then we can then adjust inventory of full kits accordingly at that time as well.

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