ArtWorks 3D Me! is a thickening agent made from fumed silica.  Any amount can be added to any resin to create a thicker consistency and can be used to add a 3D effect for your art, tumblers and more. 3D! me will result in a milky white color when added to clear resin.  When colorants are added to the resin, 3D me! will take on the color beautifully. Adding ArtWorks 3D Me to ArtWorks Resin will allow you to build height and more accurate placement wherever it is used.  This will be great for more defined geode separated line styles, blob art/dot art, thicker 3D waves, adding more defined texture & so much more. . For tumblers, create drip effects without having to wait for the resin to set up. (sold by volume, not weight)* Please note that 3D Me! is a very lightweight, fine powder.  Use with appropriate particle mask to avoid breathing in and gloves to prevent skin from becoming dry.

3D Me! 32oz