This two gallon (7.57 litres) kit containsOne 1 Gallon (3.78L) bottle of Resin, plus one 1 Gallon (3.78L) bottle of Hardener. Covers approximately 64 sq ft (ie: 8' x 8' piece) ArtWorks Resin is a high quality resin that was developed specially for Artwork, and is also used for coatings, tables, tumblers, counters, doming & more. Fast curing.		ArtWorks has UV protection plus has HALS for added UV protection.  HALS = Hindered Amine Light Stabilzers, are chemical compounds that are used as UV stabilzers in plastics and polymers.  They're used to protect from the effects of photo-oxidation and thermal stabilizers. No VOC'sFDA Compliant Work time (pot life) 30 - 40 minutes averageFast curing resin, in only 8 to 12 hours (temperature & humidity dependent)Heat tolerance to 266 degrees farenheit (after 3 week full cure)Two-part resin with a 1:1 ratioMedium viscosity (thick like syrup) for an excellent flowNo foul odour, but has a faint scent100% Solid Systems EpoxyScratch resistantCures very rigid and rock hardCures crystal clear like glassVery high gloss finish12 month shelf life unopened, 6 months once opened. Free shipping Canada wide on orders over $25.00Resins all have an optimum shelf life.  It is recommended that you do not order more product than you will use within a 6 month time frame.There are no refunds for resin that is past it's shelf life.Refunds & ReturnsPlease choose carefully as we do not provide refunds or exchanges for change of mind, misuse, or misunderstanding of use. Goods are to be returned within 7 Days from order received, unopened and in original condition. Returnable items are at the purchasers expense.To request a refund please email us through the contact page on website, stating your order number, and the reason for the request to refund. Recommend that customers do not send back the items until we send our approval for refund.

ArtWorks Resin 2 Gallon kit (7.57 Litres)

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