First photo shows an example of a beginner resin art beach wave piece with one resin layer.

Second photo shows items included in kit price.

Third photo shows extra items to have available when creating with resin art, but these items are not part of the beginner kit.  

Forth photo shows various tools used in manipulating resin for resin art.


Kit includes:

1 @ ArtWorks 8oz kit

1 @ ArtWorks Liquid Pigment Ocean Blue 

1 @ ArtWorks Liquid Pigment Camo Tan (for sand colour) 

1 @ ArtWorks Liquid Pigment White (for waves)

1 @ Plastic drop sheet 8'x12'   (to protect work surface)

1 @ 1 pint (16oz) mixing cup 

Substrate - 1 @ 8" x 8" x 1 5/8" Birch Wood Panel Gallery profile 

3 @ small cups to mix colour with resin 

4 @ small cups to set substrate (wood panel) on 

3 @ mixing sticks (1 for each colour) 

1 @ plastic stir stick to mix 2 part epoxy 

1 pr @ nitrile gloves in M or Lg 

Step by step instruction sheet. (will add youtube video soon as well )


You will need to also have ready: 

- extra nitrile gloves (usual sizes S, M, L or Xlg) 

- painters tape for sides & bottom of panel substrate,

- a bbq lighter, chefs butaine torch plus can of butane, or propane torch

- alchohol wipes, or baby wipes, or rubbing (ispropyl) alcohol (above 90%).

- paper towel

- timer (set for 4 minutes)

- parchment paper

- level to check your substrate is level before beginning

- tootpicks to pick out any hair or other items that might land in your resin art while working

- an infrared temperature guage is handy but not a necessity in beginning (to check temp of resin & room & substrate).


For manipulating the resin to achieve certain effects & techniques, there are additional items you will want to have handy while creating: Resin artists often use a heat gun &/or blow dryer to move resin. I often try to use non heat generating manipulators such as silicone spatula or palette knives, I also use parchment paper to make swipe movements, but other items can be used for swipe manipulating as well.


Beginner Kit - Beach Wave, 8" x 8" x 1 5/8", Enquire


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