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10 - 60 microns Chameleon pigments are Colour Shifting Pigments, they're composed of high transparent flake crystals coated with Titanium Dioxide. Color shift pigments show changing colours, & a colour flowing effect as you look at it from different angles. These are often gently brushed on to moulds, prior to adding darker resin over top. They can be added to resin as well. You will see the best colour shift when used with black resin poured over mica in mould, or if adding over top of black/dark resin. Le’Rez Expressions, High Quality Pigment Powders, create gorgeous colours on your resin art. T= Transparent O = Opaque ST = Semi-Transparent Ratio to use depends upon transparency level you are after. With Le’Rez powders start with approximately 5% pigment powder to resin ratio. Then as needed, for deeper saturation/opacity, slowly add more (up to approximately a max of 20% or so pigment powder to resin). Check on your stir stick for level achieved. Transparent type colours may need more to suit your desired saturation. Be cautious not to add too much colourant, as it can affect sensitive resin balance needed for proper curing. Not water soluble. FDA Approved. Mica pigment powders can be used in more mediums then resin. Pigments are the pure colour used to make paint or ink. By mixing pigments with a binder you can create your own acrylic colour, oil colour, watercolour, pastels, acrylic ink and gouache in any shade you want. It’s a very good value method of acquiring paints that exactly match the way you work. Always be careful & cautious upon opening as fine micas are so fine, and do float into the air easily. Note: Colourants are packed by weight (not volume), and some pigment colours that are heavier in weight also cost more per gram, so you will notice different volumes (due to difference in pigment weights/costs) in same size packaging. Safety Note: Please be careful not to breath in dust particles. Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when working with resin and pigments. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Tip: Opening fine powders/glitters with a moistened paper towel (wet wipe, baby wipe or alcohol wipe), helps contain and prevent some of the dust going into the air and all over your hands (upon opening after shipping). 

Blue Teal Green Chameleon Powder 10gm LeRez