****You need to order two in quantity, to get one for each bottle.
These pumps will fit (Simply trim the tube bottom to the length of the bottle):

-1  & 2 gallon kits of ArtWorks, & 64 oz kits of ArtWorks.

- 1 1/2gallon kits of Liquid Diamonds, & 96 oz kit of Liquid Diamonds.

***For ArtWorks users: Part A is a fairly thick viscosity so it will pump very slowly through this pump. If you want a smoother flow, warm the Part A bottle in a bowl of warm water to lower the viscosity. 

***For Liquid Diamonds users: It is not recommended to use pumps with Part B. When the hardener dries within the nozzle, a white powdery substance will form and it's very possible that the next time it is pumped, those pieces will get into your mix. 

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1 Bottle Pump ***Important notes in description. Read completely***

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