High quality truly intense Epoxy Pigment paste colourants especially formulated for use in epoxy resin.Our pigments are generally opaque, but when used in a smaller amount they can generate different levels of transparency.Use smaller amounts to build up to your desired tint. Start with 1-3% ratio of colourant to resin. If adding more needed, keep in mind the general rule of thumb with resins is not to exceed 10% ratio of colourant to resin ratio. Allow pastes to settle prior to opening the jar as contents maybe on the interior of the lid and always stir prior to use. Important Note: Colourants are packed by weight (not volume), and some pigment colours that are heavier in weight also cost more per gram, so you will notice different volumes (due to difference in pigment weights) in packages appearing similar in size. Size 50gm.

Exotic Teal Paste, Colour Passion

SKU: 1000-41