Colour Passion Mica fine Pigment Powders are for Resin Art. Create your own distinctive colour by mixing different Pigment Powders. Make your Art pop with our fantastic range of solid pigment powders. Our mica fine powders are for colouring your resin. Use a small amount and build up the colour to your liking. From translucent to a solid opaque colour the colour options are endless. Try and mix powders from others in our collection to create your own distinctive colour result for your Resin Art Works. Pigments come in wide mouth jars to make accessing your pigments even easier. However, be very careful & cautious upon opening as fine micas are so fine, and do float into the air easily. *Note: Colourants are packed by weight (not volume), and some pigment colours that are heavier in weight also cost more per gram, so you will notice different volumes (due to difference in pigment weights/costs) in same size packaging. Pigment 40gm. **Safety Note: Please be careful not to breath in dust particles. Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when working with resin and pigments. Keep out of reach of children & pets.Tip: Opening fine powders/glitters with a moistened paper towel (wet wipe, baby wipe or alcohol wipe), helps contain and prevent some of the dust going into the air and all over your hands upon opening.Refunds & Returns:Please choose carefully as we do not provide refunds or exchanges for change of mind, or misuse, or misunderstanding of use.  Shipping fees on returnable items are at the purchasers expense.If requesting a refund, please email us within 7 days of receiving product, through our contact page,  stating your order number, and the reason for the request to refund.

Green Luster Powder, Colour Passion more green then showing

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