8 oz sample kit of ArtWorks and a 12 oz. sample kit of Liquid Diamonds.  This is a perfect combination if your projects involve both casting and coating!  Descriptions of each are below:Liquid Diamonds is a high quality epoxy resin at a good price and it is one of the most popular brands in the resin jewelry community.  Many artists who have used other resin brands previously have noticed all of the benefits of Liquid Diamonds after trying it and have switched brands immediately.This is a two-part resin with a 2:1 ratio. Here are the reasons you should buy this product from us- Extremely low viscosity (almost like water!)- No VOC's- No bad odors- Low to zero bubbles when casting - Appropriate for small to deep castings - Pressure chamber NOT required for most applications - Cures to demold time in about 10 to 12 hours and fully cured/machinable by 24 hours. - UV resistant- Heat resistant t 248 degrees Fahrenheit- Scratch resistant- Cures very rigid and rock hard- Cures crystal clear like glass  - 6 to 12 month shelf life (depending on how it is stored)

ArtWorks resin specially formulated for artwork, coatings, countertops, tables and doming. This is a two-part resin with a user-friendly 1:1 ratio. This kit includes 4 oz of epoxy resin and 4 oz. of hardener. Here are the reasons you might try this product:- MEDIUM VISCOSITY FOR THE PERFECT FLOW- NO VOC'S- NO BAD ODOR- CURES IN ONLY 8 TO 12 HOURS- HEAT RESISTANT TO 266 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT- SCRATCH RESISTANT- CURES VERY RIGID AND ROCK HARD- CURES CRYSTAL CLEAR LIKE GLASS - 12 MONTH SHELF LIFE- FDA COMPLIANT- 100% SOLIDS EPOXYPLEASE NOTE THAT ALL RESINS WILL YELLOW OVER A PERIOD OF TIME. HOWEVER, ARTWORKS HAS BEEN FORMULATED WITH HIGH QUALITY CHEMICALS, INCLUDING HALS (A STRONG UV STABILIZER) AND WILL RESIST YELLOWING FOR A VERY LONG TIME.  IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO DETERMINE HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE CURED RESIN FOR ANY BRAND TO START BECOMING DISCOLORED AS THERE ARE MANY VARIABLES SUCH AS ADDITIVES BY THE USER AND WHERE THE ART IS BEING DISPLAYED.Resins all have an optimum shelf life.  It is recommended that you do not order more product than you will use within a 6 month time frame.There are no refunds for resin that is past it's shelf life.Refunds & ReturnsPlease choose carefully as we do not provide refunds or exchanges for change of mind, misuse, or misunderstanding of use. Goods are to be returned within 7 Days from order received, unopened and in original condition. Returnable items are at the purchasers expense.To request a refund please email us through the contact page on website, stating your order number, and the reason for the request to refund. Recommend that customers do not send back the items until we send our approval for refund.

Liquid Diamonds & ArtWorks Resin Sample Sizes Kit


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