Puduo Epoxy Resin –  for artists. It is excellent for coating, casting, and resin art. Delve into your art projects whether you are a beginner crafter or a professional artist. No Voc’s and Odor free. Puduo Resin has a working time of 40 Minutes. It’s user friendly 1 to 1 ratio. Puduo is professional grade and high performance for all of your coating needs. Add a Crystal Clear high gloss coat to any surface. It has a glass like appearance plus cures rock hard and durable. It produces a gorgeous finished product. Puduo even includes some tools to get you going – 4 Measuring Cups, 3 Stir Sticks, and 1 Pair of Gloves!

New coming soon Puduo 1 Gal Kit (64oz A + 64oz B)