16oz Part B Hardener only!!! This section is for a half Kit only. The 16oz Part A Resin not included. 
Refer to 32oz  (946ml) to order full kit with both bottles. 

Send an email through contact page message area, and we will update store to activate this 1/2 kit available to purchase through website.

Every now and then, we have more of one Part A (Resin), or Part B (Hardener), left in our resin bottles. 
There is an option to order half kits in all sizes. The price is basically reflective of the price of half of the kit.  
Resins all have an optimum shelf life.  It is recommended that you do not order more product than you will use within a 6 month time frame. There are no refunds for resin that is past it's shelf life.

ArtWorks Part B Hardener from 32oz kit