Size 50g.   (there is 50g, 100g & 250g size options for this paste). 

The Colour Passion Base Cell White Paste, can be used as a basic white, then also if desired, other colours can be manipulated* over top of it to help achieve cells. And in this case, the white colour underneath will be the cell colour popping through the colours over top. Photo example of white cells showing that were manipulated under a colour, behind colour swatch example. 

The Colour Passion Top Cell White Paste, often used for achieving ocean waves & lacing, can be used as a basic white, but if desired it also helps to get lacing and cells on top of your work when manipulated* over other colours (so the other colour underneath shows through the white on top). Different Photo example of the top cell white on its listing. 

PasteHigh quality truly intense Epoxy Pigment paste colourants especially formulated for use in epoxy resin.  Our pigments are generally opaque, but when used in a smaller amount they can generate different levels of transparency. Use smaller amounts to build up to your desired tint. Start with 1-3% ratio of colourant to resin. For solid opaque it may need closer to 6% ratio to resin. If adding more is needed, keep in mind the general rule of thumb with resins is not to exceed 10% ratio of colourant to resin ratio. Allow pastes to settle prior to opening the jar as contents maybe on the interior of the lid and always stir prior to use. Size 50gm*Please Note: Please be aware Colour Passion products are packaged by weight not volume. Due to the various density of various pigments some containers may look fuller than others.**Safety Note: Please be careful not to breath in dust particles. Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when working with resin,  pigments & glitters. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Due to monitor/screen differences, colours may appear slightly different. Tip: Powders shift during shipping. Opening fine powders/glitters with a moistened paper towel (wet wipe, baby wipe or alcohol wipe), helps contain & prevent some of the dust going into the air & all over your hands upon opening. Open over protected surface in case loose powder drops during opening. Refunds & Returns:Please choose carefully as we do not provide refunds or exchanges for change of mind, or misuse, or misunderstanding of use.  Shipping fees on returnable items are at the purchasers expense.If requesting a refund, please email us within 7 days of receiving product, through our contact page,  stating your order number, and the reason for the request to refund.

Passion Base Cell White Paste, Colour Passion, 50gm

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