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GLITZ and Glam pigment indeed! If you like shimmer than this is a pigment for you.  Perfect for geode and nebula paintings as well as jewelry making.

Le’Rez Expressions, High Quality Pigment Powders

T= Transparent 
O = Opaque
ST = Semi-Transparent

Ratio to use depends upon transparency level you are after. With Le’Rez powders start with approximately 5% pigment to resin ratio. Then as needed, for deeper saturation/opacity, slowly add more, up to approximately 20% or so pigment powder to resin. Check on your stir stick for level achieved. Transparent type colours may need more to suit your desired saturation. Be cautious not to add too much colourant, as it can affect sensitive resin balance needed for proper curing. 
Not water soluble. FDA Approved.

Purple Diamond Shimmery Pigment Powder T/O 25g Le Rez

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