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The developer of Le Rez Expressions creates her own glorious gorgeous, & unique custom colour mixes.  Her Epoxy Pastes are made from pure color and are highly concentrated.


***IMPORTANT: The Le’Rez metallic (& some of their pearlescent) epoxy pastes often solidify (feel hard upon arrival), in our cooler climate. This is mostly due to high volume of pure pigments, & the epoxy binder. This happens more so in our cooler climate, where it is warm it does not tend to solidify. Warming them up helps to soften these particular pastes again.  This can be done a few ways.  You can warm it by heating with a low heat setting on a heat gun. Heat 10 seconds, stir, then heat additional 10 seconds, & repeat until no longer solidified. Be careful not to get to close to your jar, or you will warp your jars. You can also warm them on a heating pad or on a hot water bottle (put protective parchemnt paper between so paste doesn't get on your warmer), or set paste in a ziplock baggie & place in a warm water bath in a bowl. There is a you tube video available about this from the developer of the pastes, showing how to safely warm the pastes with  heat gun. The YouTube link is in our Blog about Le'Rez pigments. Enquire if you’d like the link & I will forward it.


For epoxy pastes, very little is needed. Non opaque & transparent pastes, typically require more to achieve deeper colour. A little dab goes a long way (just a dip of the clean stir stick in to the paste, & that’s often enough for opaque colours). Typically a ratio of 2-10% colourants is suggested. Start with less, you can add more as needed, but do not exceed 10% ratio or if too much colourants is added, it can effect the cure of a resin & cause pre-mature exotherm.

**Be sure to mix each paste well before use.


**Avoid eye and skin contact. Use in well ventilated areas, & Wear appropriate PPE dependant on individual application and sensitivity.

Soft Brass Metallic Epoxy Paste 50g O Le Rez

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