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ArtWorks Resin Canada Inc. / Michele Donohue Art

If you are looking to purchase resins, please contact the various manufacturers websites. 

If you are looking for Colourants  - the Canadian distributor for Colour Passion pigments is Ravens Hideaway Emporium, in Ontario, Canada.  If you are outside of Canada, you can reach out to the manufacturers directly. 

If you are looking for Le Rez Expressions pigments, please contact them directly.

Resin Calculators  - our site has 2 calculator options (top-coating & casting options, as well as info on tumbler basic coating)

Blog Posts - Info about resins, colours, marketing ideas, care cards, package & shipping, mould care, how-to's, tutorials & more. Some previous posts are archived until I have time to reword brand specific items, then I will add them back, as there was helpful information in them for resin artists.

Workshops - In person workshops are still being taught locally (in Airdrie, Ab).  To see any of my upcoming resin art or alcohol ink workshops, please check the workshops tab on my artist page (click the blue highlighted Workshops text for direct link).

New Item Coming Soon

New Item Coming Soon

New Item Coming Soon


ArtWorks Resin Canada Inc., is a small 100% Canadian owned & operated business. (formerly an online e-commerce resin art supply business.).  Any future ecommerce will be run through my artist website at Michele Donohue Art.

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ArtWorks resin art resin tray, art resin tray

Please see our Contact page to send us an email for any questions you may have. Thank you. 

We will respond once online again.

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