RESIN CALCULATOR for art & surface coating projects (ArtWorks Resin)

Easily enter the length and width of your resin substrate/support to get the amount of resin needed to cover an 1/8" layer. Extra may be needed for covering sides or special techniques. Always err on side of mixing a little more rather than a little less.  Left-over resin can be poured in to moulds, or over a back up substrate (as a base or part of a base coat). For casting projects, see next calculator below. For tumblers, see info below casting.

Enter measurements in inches or centimeters and choose the corresponding measurement unit with the "Measured in" drop down menu, then click the Get Amount button.

Value shown represents total amount suggested.  If using ArtWorks Resin, use 50% resin, 50% hardener, measured by VOLUME (not weight) in a measuring cup or marked cup.  ArtWorks resin can NOT be measured by weight (as part A is heavier then part B).

RESIN CALCULATOR for casting projects (Liquid Diamonds Casting Resin)

Liquid Diamonds Casting Resin is a 2:1 ratio.

Value shown represents best estimate of total resin suggested. If using a 2:1 resin like Liquid Diamonds, remember to use twice the amount of resin (large bottle), as hardener (small bottle) Liquid Diamonds (unlike some other resins) can be measured by weight or volume.

For odd shaped moulds that do not fall into categories below, you can fill the mould with water or clean uncooked rice, then pour that out of the mould into a measuring cup to get total amount of resin needed.  You must ensure the mould is thoroughly dried and no moisture or dust (both contaminants) remains before pouring your resin.

Always err on side of mixing a little more rather than a little less.  Leftover resin can be used in backup projects or other moulds.

Resin estimate for TUMBLERS

For beginners 1ml of resin per oz of cup (with no glitter or texture), is suggested amount of resin to use. ArtWorks is the resin most of our customers use on their cups due to the thicker viscosity, but Liquid Diamonds can be used as well.  Liquid Diamonds is just thinner viscosity (so take that in to account when trying to cover a cup).

On a 20oz tumbler, you can expect to use roughly 25-30ml, depending on the type of glitter used. 


**Chunky glitter takes more resin.  Some tumbler makers like to use anywhere from 2-3 coats of ArtWorks, but chunky glitter usually is 3 coats for the nicest finish.

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