ArtWorks Resin Canada Inc is a Canadian Distributor for

Colour Passion Pigments, Pastes, Tints & Glitter

Le' Rez Expressions Mica Pigments, Epoxy Pastes, Tints & Glitter,

iCoat Products

German Glass Glitter,

Iridescent bits,

Natural Mica Flakes, a small selection of

Genuine Gemstones


Enquire via contact page, for where to purchase outside of Canada.

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MukLuk Magpies Stained Glass Emporium in Airdrie, Alberta,  stocks a small selection of Resin available for retail sales & pick up at their store. Please go to their website, to see their hours and location. You may want to call ahead to see that the size & resin you want is there.


If you have any questions or need to reach ArtWorks Resin Canada, please send us a message.

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For those located in other countries, or do not have a Canadian ship to address, you can purchase products through contacts below:

ArtWorks Resin & Liquid Diamonds Casting Resin available at:

Canada- ArtWorks Resin Canada

USA- The Craft Attack 

Singapore-  Resinous Art


Colour Passion products available at:

Canada-  ArtWorks Resin Canada 

Australia-   Passion

USA- Deluke Art on Etsy


Le'Rez Expressions products available at:

Canada-  ArtWorks Resin Canada 

Australia-  Le'Rez Expressions

USA- Laura's Art Corner

Puduo Epoxy Resin products available at:

Canada-  ArtWorks Resin Canada 

USA- PuDuo Epoxy Resin

Australia-   Colour Passion

iCoat Products available at:

Canada-   ArtWorks Resin Canada

USA-   iCoat Products

SOLD!!! Resin art. 3’wide (91.4cm) x 2’h (60.96cm), on birch wood cradled panel._._.jpg