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ArtWorks 3D Me!  This product is on clearance, and once stock is diminished, will no longer be stocked at ArtWorks Resins Canada.

ArtWorks 3D Me! is a thickening agent made from fumed silica.  Any amount can be added to any resin to create a thicker consistency and can be used to add a 3D effect for your art, tumblers, and more.  3D Me! will result in a milky white colour when added to clear resin.  When colourants are added to the resin, 3D Me! will take on the colour beautfully.

Adding ArtWorks 3D Me! to ArtWorks Resin will allow you to build height and more accurate placement wherever it is used.

This will be geat for m ore defined geode separated line styles, blob art/dot art, thicker 3D waves, adding more defined texture & so muchmore festive options.  For Tumblers, create drip effects without having to wait for the resin to set up.

Mixing Info:

Use to add thix properties to resins, to thicken a resin to a desired consistency.

Thickened resin can assist in reducing runs or sags, for gap filling or for bonding.  By adding ArtWorks 3D Me!  to a resin mix with other fillers or reinforcements the handling and physical properties are altered.  Various factors affect the exact ratios for achieving specific results, including the resin type, viscosity, and working temperature.  You will have to experiement to develop the best ratios for the specific resin you are using, and your intended application.


To reduce sagging on vertical surfaces, add approximately 1 to 3% by weight (or approximately 2 parts resin to 1 part 3D Me!).. To thicken for glue join gap type filling add approximately 3 to 7% by weight.  To make a resin or gel coat paste, mix approximately equal volumes.  This can produce a compound that is extremely hard and abrasion resistant.  

To arrive at the best performing ratio may require mixing some test samples to determine what works best for the specific application you are trying to achieve.  Mix very well.  3D Me! might contribute to difficulties in sanding.  Where sanding wil follow, use only as much 3D Me! as is required to impart thixotrophy.

*Please note ArtWorks 3D Me! is a very lightweight fine powder.  Use with appropriate particle mask to avoid breathing in and gloves to prevent skin from becoming dry.  

Sold by Volume not Weight.

Ingredient:  Silicone Dioxide

Caution:  Dry powdered materials can build static electrical charges when subject to friction.  Proper precautions in the presence of flammable or explosive liquids should be taken to prevent accidents.

Warning:  Causes eye irritation.  Harmful if inhaled.  May cause skin irritation.  Harmful if swallowed.

Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged or repeated contact with skin.  Wear goggles and face shield when handling.  Avoid breathing dust, wear respirator.  Use only with adequate ventilation.  Keep away from heat, spark and flame.  Store, handle and use in a manner that will minimize dust generation.

FIRST AID:  In case of contact with skin wash with warm water and soap.  For eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes.  If irritation persists, get medical attention.  If inhaled, remove to fresh air.  If breathing difficulty persists consult physician.  Wash clothes before re-use. 

ATTENTION:  Container may be hazardous when emptied.  Since emptied containers retain product residues, all hazard precautions must be observed.

CONSULT MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for more complete handling information prior to use.


ArtWorks 3D Me!  MSDS sheet pdf

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