Frequently asked questions

What is heat tolerance of ArtWorks Resin?

The heat tolerance of ArtWorks Resin is 266 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow 3 weeks curing process to reach full heat tolerance.

Is ArtWorks Resin a 1 to 1 ratio?

Yes! ArtWorks Resin uses a ratio of 1:1 by volume.

Does ArtWorks Resin have VOC's?

No! ArtWorks Resin has no VOC's.

Does ArtWorks Resin have UV protection?

Yes! ArtWorks Resin has UV protection, plus has HALS. HALS = Hindered Amine Light Stablizers, are chemical compounds that are used as UV stabilizers in plastics and polymers. They're used to protect from the effects of photo-oxidation and thermal stabilizers.

Is ArtWorks Resin FDA Compliant?

Yes! ArtWorks Resin & Liquid Diamonds are both rated FDA 21CFR175.300 = FDA Compliant. Please note, the FDA Compliant rating is only a guideline for coatings to be safe for food-contact surfaces. This does not equal the same as food safe certification. FDA certifies food & consumables (which epoxy resins are not a consumable). So the FDA Compliant rating is simply a guideline, that all epoxy resins (that are solid system resins) fall under. There are no epoxy resins being used in our artwork in North America, that has their very own special FDA food safe certification rating unique to their brand only. ***All solid system epoxy resins (including ArtWorks & other popular brands), that we are using in our art and table tops, & various projects are rated the same with the exact same "FDA Compliant" guideline number quoted above. Here's the link... The biggest concern is when functional items created with resin, are warmed or heated, or alcohol touched, or foods repeatedly cut on, resins become vulnerable and can potentialy leach chemicals into food or drinks. ArtWorks maxiumum heat tolerance is 266F. Also note: The FDA Compliancy is only valid for resin that is unaltered. It is no longer FDA Compliant once colourants, glitters, paint, pigment powders, micas, etc are added. This applies to all resins being used in artwork. Some people will add a final clear resin top coat over their coloured resin to bring their item back to FDA Compliancy, however that still does not equate food safe in many peoples opinions. FDA Compliant means safe for incidental food contact, which if food touches something made from epoxy and then you put it in your mouth, it won't make you sick. Many people interpret this in a variety of ways. We prefer to suggest safe usage, and always err on the side of caution on where you putting any epoxy resin, if to be used in combination with functional art items for use with food or beverages.

What is the work time (pot life) of ArtWorks Resin?

The work time (pot life) of ArtWorks Resin is 35-40 minutes (depending on environment in room and additional heating added.

How long does it take ArtWorks Resin to cure?

ArtWorks Resin is a fast curing resin. It takes 8 to 12 hours (temperature & humidity dependant).

What is the return policy for items purchased through ArtWorks Resin Canada?

We accept returns of unopened sealed product only. There will be a 10% restocking fee on all returns unless the reason for return is an error on our part. If wanting to return product, you should notify us within a week of receipt. The postage for returns will be at customer expense. We can not take return of old product. Please use the Contact Us page to let us know if you need to return or exchange any product. We do not accept returns for change of mind, or misunderstanding of type of product required for projects.

Which of the two resins (ArtWorks or Liquid Diamonds) should I use in my project?

For people who are unsure about which resin to use or the differences in the two resins, please see the blog post on our page showing the condensed list of the differences & features of these two resins. Keep in mind these two resins are developed for very different applications. They can be used in other applications, just keep in mind they will perform best for the applciations they are designed for. ArtWorks Resin is a top-coating resin. It is developed for artwork and coatings. It can be used for wall art, tumblers, cheeseboards, trays, table/counter tops & more. Although it is not a casting resin, some people do use it in very shallow castings under 1/4", or do in several shallow layers curing between each layer. Liquid Diamonds is a casting resin. It was designed for the crafting industry. It is most often used for things like jewellry, casting in moulds, floral castings, pen turning, knife handle making, dice making, memory pieces, etc. Please see our instagram page for a quick view of the numerous applications this resin is used in. All resins start with a similar basic chemical makeup, then each brand adds different chemicals to give them their unique features for their usage (which also gives their pros & cons depending on your needs & preferences).

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