iCoat Products

iCoat Products has been in the business for 30 years, and creates quality products with superior results.


The iCoat products we are currently stocking in Canada, include:

high heat Counter Top Epoxy Resin (2 versions - one is high viscosity, and the other is medium viscosity), 3 Castings Epoxy Resins (including a Deep Pour Epoxy Resin), and a Urethane (Fast Set/Primer/Sealer/Clear Coat).



iCoat CT60 & iCoat MV - Countertop and Medium Viscosity Art Epoxy

  • CT60 High viscosity epoxy for regular countertop version, MV is medium viscosity.

  • 1:1 ratio

  • Pot Life/Work Time 35-40 minutes depending on temperature & any added heat, Put on substrate as soon as possible to get most work time.  If left to sit in mix cup, pot life will be quickly reduced, & premature exotherm could occur.

  • Next layer or recoat can be done in 5-8 hours project & temperature dependent.

  • Self levels 1/8" thick

  • Max pour depth 1/8"  or 3/16" up to 1/4" (deeper on some jewelry type or smaller items, mass dependant).

  • Cures to touch overnight (or about 10-12 hours) in warm room.

  • Do not cure in cool temperature, or cure may be incomplete.

  • High heat 500F scorch resistant.


iCoat CE4100 HV Casting Epoxy

  • Medium-High Viscosity

  • 1:1 ratio.

  • Pot Life/Work Time 40-50 minutes, dependent on temperature & any added heat in environment.

  • Can typically pour two pours/layers in a day, morning and evening. 

  • Cures to touch in 24 hours (volume, mass & temperature dependent).  Thin layers will take longer.

  • Heat tolerance between 250-300F


iCoat TP21 Hard Cast Casting Epoxy 

  • Low viscosity

  • 2:1 ratio.

  • Pot Life/Work Time 60+ minutes, dependent on temperature & any added heat.

  • TP21 will still be liquidy/gel like at 24 hours, but cured to touch by 48 hours (project dependent). 

  • Pour 1/8" up to 2" thick (temperature, volume, mass & mould shape dependent).

  • Heat tolerance between 250-300F


iCoat Depth Casting Epoxy, Deep Casting Epoxy

  • Low viscosity

  • 2:1 ratio.

  • Pot Life/Work Time 4+ hours, dependent on temperature & any added heat in environment. 

  • Pour 1.5" up to 3-4" deep 

  • Cures to the touch in 48 to 72 hours (project dependent).  If poured at 2 1/2" plus, about 30-48 hours to demould (volume, mass & temperature dependent).  Thinner than recommended depth will take a lot longer to cure.

  • Bubble free (at correct temperature

  • Heat tolerance between 250-300F

iCoat epoxies listed above are at 90% full cure after one week, and continue to harden for up to a month, at which time they reach their full hardness, and also reach their full heat tolerance. 


iCoat epoxies have the most current & up to date UV formulas available added to help with UV Resistance & aging. 

iCoat epoxies above are all 100% solid system epoxies.

iCoat epoxies above are all Super High Gloss - 135-140 on Gloss Scale.

Can be honed down to 85-90 if desired.

iCoat epoxies above are all FDA compliant and meet food safety guidelines.

iCoat epoxies accept all our pigments, micas and our other colourants.

iCoat epoxies are all No VOC's

iCoat epoxies are all 12 month shelf life unopened, 6 months once opened. (We recommend you do not order more epoxy then you plan to use up in a 6 month period).

iCoat Urethane 2112 Clear Coat, Wood Primer/Sealer (& Fast-Set Option)

This is a high gloss, clear, non-yellowing, single component, quick drying urethane dispersion, that is designed as a finish top coat. U2112 provides excellent adhesion over prepared substrates. Dry time is between 30-45 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.

See iCoat blog post for more information and directions for each product.