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Customized Colour Paint Pens DIY, by Suzana Dancks of Le’Rez Expressions

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

These make your own paint pen bottles, are such a fun and brilliant idea for a variety of creations. You can create designs on your coaster (or any) moulds, then let dry prior to pouring resin over. You can use this for custom coloured lines on your geode/agate resin art inspired pieces. You can write names on pieces to customize them further. The sky is the limit to creating a variety of artistic designs and textures in any of your resin art creations.

Suzana shows tips on making your own custom coloured metallic (pearl or any pigment coloured) paint pens, using her Le’Rez Expressions pigment powders, PVA glue (acts as the bonding agent) & metho* (or isopropyl alcohol) all mixed together, then poured into squeezable 30 ml PET bottles with nibs. DO NOT TORCH this, metho is highly flamable.

Here is the paint pen video link with lots of great tips and a cheerful helpful instructor

Please subscribe to her channel to see many more of her helpful, & lovely videos.

In Canada, Le’Rez Expressions pigment powders can be purchased here...


*Metho is often referred to differently in other countries. It can be known as methylated spirits, denatured alcohol, methyl hydrate, isopropyl alcohol, ethenol, etc. Ethenol is more expensive than methanol. They are not all exactly the same, but for this purpose, should work similarly. Never use a torch on any of these alcohols, as they are highly flamable.

Isopropyl alcohol can be purchased in Canada at all drugstores, dollar stores, Costco, Walmart and online.


PVA glue can be purchased most anywhere. There are several types to look into.

All white glues are PVA (Poly vinyl acetate), this includes Elmer's Glue All (it is better than Elmer's school glue).

You can go to artist supply stores (in person or online) if you prefer an archival type adhesive. For those not using this in resin (since resin is not considered archival anyways), but wanting to use on archival art pieces in other mediums... if you prefer an "archival" type glue, bookbinders glue is an archival safe acid free artist grade alternative for PVA.

One example of a PH Neutral PVA is by Lineco. It is a professional quality archival adhesive, dries clear, remains flexible. Here is a Link to Lineco Neutral pH Polyvinyl Adhesive, (it is an archival adhesive)

Another product in UK that is a white PVA Glue, water-based adhesive is Collall PVA Whiteglue (without solvent). It's also acid free & archival.


The squeezable PET bottles with nibs are available online, or at many artist supply stores, or soap making supply stores, sometimes dollar stores, or sometimes even local vape shops in Canada carry them as well. If there is a demand for them, I can bring some in to my store as well. Just let me know.

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