Orgonite Making Info & Ideas

Updated: Nov 23

For those not familiar with them, some people believe that orgonites can eliminate negative types of energy and replace it with positive types of energy. More people have heard of a different healing energy called crystal healing, although it is considered by some as a pseudoscientific concept. It is an additional type of healing energy used by proponents & practitioners of various esoteric forms of spirituality and alternative medicine. If energy healing or alternative healing is of any interest to you, this blog may also be of interest.

For those interested in making or using orgonites, it is important to first understand more about what goes into them, if wanting to make them correctly.

There are different orgonite versions often seen mentioned. Some well meaning creators are unaware of the true differences, or aware of what a true orgonite is. There are many beautiful pieces of resin casting creations, that people often just quickly refer to as an orgonite. Often some sites sell anything pyramid shaped, and with crystals &/or metals, and resin combined, as orgonites (but they might not be truly orgonites).

Different from orgonites, there are also crystal healing energy pyramids. This more commonly seen resin pyramid style, is more of a “crystal energy” healing style piece (not an orgonite energy piece). Some are often full of gorgeous bling & very beautiful, but not offering much of anything emf energy wise. Although really beautiful, please know those are not always necessarily a true orgonite. A crystal pyramid (not orgonite) is considered or said to be a healing tool that can be used to draw away negative energy and blockage, and to infuse the environment with positive energy. A gemstone infused pyramid is also used to enhance and focus on the properties of the gem stones it is made with. (If you are interested to learn more on this type of crystal healing alternative, there are numerous books or other resources available online to learn about crystal healing from.

Note: There are numerous makers that also combine the two healing forms (Orgonite with various Crystal(s) healing), in one piece. They are spectacular pieces!

However, in this article/blog, the focus is not on crystal pyramids or pretty pyramids, but specifically about real orgonites (and how to make a basic one correctly). True orgonite is said to actually convert (not neutralize) the unhealthy negative orgone energy (DOR) into healthy positive orgone energy (POR), because of the polarized electromagnetic qualities of quartz crystal in which magnetic field is created because of the crystal being squeezed by the resin it is inside of. The metal (a key component) conducts the electromagnetic field & the crystals cleanse it.

It is believed that some of the benefits of orgone are:

- Decreased exposure to EMF

- Removal of negative energy

- Increased resistance to illness

- Purifying the atmosphere in the area (a plain medium to high density orgonite will constantly clean a room)

- More energy

- Better sleep (and sometimes vivid dreams)

- Balanced moods

Scientifically, it is not an orgonite if it doesn't have at least 50% metal. You will need to get at least half of the volume of the piece, in metal (shavings work best) for it to be a true/real orgonite.

***A true Ogonite is made of three basic materials:

  1. Metal shavings (a conductive material) bound in and separated by resin. The metal must make up at least 50% of a piece.

  2. Resin (a non-conductive material). These materials (metal & resin), are best combined in equal parts (by volume).

  3. Natural crystal stone (often raw quartz crystal but any genuine crystal can work), interacts with these materials to produce the electrostriction effect that greatly enhances the transmutation potential of the compound.

Note: In addition to these 3 basic materials, some orgonite makers like to add a pinch of beach sand, copper tensor ring(s), and some makers will add more crystals to their mix for various additional boosting &/or healing properties. As long as the Orgonite contains a minimum of 50% metal to resin and a Quartz crystal it’s an Orgonite. It is also said that using different metals in the piece (often added in different layers), can give more strength to the Orgonite.

Orgone energy is said to be produced through the crystal being put under pressure, which generates a small electric charge. Resin shrinks once cured so the quartz crystal is constantly under pressure. It is not known exactly how the piezoelectric effect, effects the orgone energy (although there are many theories), but suffice to say, orgonite without quartz in it can in the long run become clogged up with DOR. The crystal is essential for the conversion of DOR to POR, otherwise the orgonite becomes merely an orgone accumulator.

Orgonites do not have to be made strictly in pyramid or any particular shape. You can use silicone muffin trays or any mould shape you like. Orgonties do not need all types of fancy colours, gemstones or bling, just plain crystal quartz, metal & resin (in correct quantity).

The most simple, basic and effective orgonite is really as simple as:

Put some raw quartz crystal stone in a mould.

Cover it with metal shavings (often referred to as swarf).

Pour in some resin until saturated.

Once cured, remove from mould and it is ready to go to work.

For orgonites, metal shavings are preferred. Metal shavings (preferably spiral form or similar) when effectively insulated from one another with resin; perform in a similar way to electrical inductors in conducting and storing the ambient electromagnetic radiation in the body of the orgonite.

The crystal component in the orgonite converts this electromagnetic charge into heat through the process of electro-striction (crystal naturally vibrates/oscillates when subjected to an electrical current or field), which effectively converts the EMR into heat which escapes harmlessly allowing more EMR to be removed from the area in a continuous process.

EMR disrupts the etheric field and removing EMR (electromagnetic radiation) allows the positive etheric energy to return.

Also note, if you mix powdered metal (copper, iron oxide, whatever) in to the resin before pouring, and then pour that mix into a regular swarf mix, the fine particles between the regular swarf block/clog the flow of EMF within the piece. So if the insulation between the individual inductors is bridged due to the presence of fine metal powder or whatever; they will become short-circuited and their efficiency will be compromised. The extent to which this happens will depend on the size and density of the fine metal particles, but in any respect; it's difficult to see how such impurities could do anything but disrupt the working of the orgonite.

Note: Some orgonite makers do like to add only a pinch of beach sand (or crystal sand), as it is said to give it a slight boost.

What makes the simplest orgonite special is its unique ability to reduce or completely remove the EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from its immediate surroundings and it does this in the way as described above.

Although Wilhelm Reich (often referred to as the inventor), initially recommended using only ferrous metals like steel or iron, that is no longer considered valid information. Also important to note, Reich's device was an orgone accumulator, not the same thing as an orgonite. It was not on the same matrix. While his device was scrubbing and storing DOR (deadly orgone radiation), it wasn't transmuting it into positive healthy POR (positive orgone radiation).

Aluminum in orgonite works very well, similar but second to copper. At one time there was a smear campaign against aluminum, but it is actually a great metal for orgonite. Copper is very expensive right now, so aluminum is an excellent option.