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Orgonite Making Info & Ideas

Updated: Mar 12

For those not familiar with them, orgonites are known to transform negative (lower vibrational) types of energy (DOR), and replace it with positive (higher vibrational) types of energy (POR) . Orgonite is used to cleanse negative energy and to counteract the effects electromagnetic waves have on our bodies. Regular users notice it helps improve the energy around them emotionally and spiritually, which in turn benefits physically.

If energy healing or alternative healing is of any interest to you, this blog may also be of interest.

Many people have heard of a different healing energy called crystal energy healing, although it is considered by some as a pseudoscientific concept. Crystal energy is NOT the same as orgonite energy.

Orgonite energy is another type of energy. Many believe life energy that some also refer to as Ch'i, Ki, Prana, and Aether, needs to flow freely so it can flourish. As human beings we are open energy systems, and we cannot shield ourselves completely from our environment, so sometimes we need assistance to transform any negative energy, into positive energy.

This blog is only intended to give some basic information, on making a very “basic orgonite”.

For those interested in making or using orgonites, it is important to first understand more about how they work, and what goes into them, if wanting to make them correctly.

Some well meaning creators are unaware of the true differences, or aware of what a true orgonite is. There are many beautiful pieces of resin casting creations, that people often just quickly refer to as an orgonite. Often some sites sell anything pyramid shaped, and with crystals &/or metals, and resin combined, as orgonites. But in fact, they might not be truly orgonites. Some resin cast pyramids are often full of gorgeous bling & very beautiful, but not offering much of anything in protection of emf energy wise, or conversion from negative to positive energy (instead they are more an ornamental resin art/casting).

Different from orgonites, there are also crystal energy castings and pyramids. This often seen resin style, is more of a “crystal energy” style piece (not an orgonite energy piece). A crystal/gemstone pyramid (not orgonite) is considered or said to be a healing tool for the variety of characteristics each gemstone used in the piece offers. Crystal/gemstone infused pyramid is also used to enhance and focus on the properties of the gem stones it is made with, but they do nothing for emf and are NOT actually Orgonite.

Note: There are some makers that also combine the two healing forms (Orgonite with various crystals), in one piece. As long as correct ratio of resin & metal is used ( a minimum of 50% metal), they can be orgonites as well. The More metal in the piece, the stronger the orgonite device.

How orgonite works (by Steven J Smith):

The resin-insulated spiral-form metal shavings work in a similar way to electrical inductors and absorb all the ambient negative energies (mainly EMR).

The crystal Quartz piece in orgonite serve to change this EM radiation in to heat through the process of Electro-striction (the converse of the Piezoelectric effect), and so the energy is released in a harmless form.

When asked about the most important aspect of orgonite, this was the answer from an orgonite pioneer (Dan from Baligifter). "Hmmmm...that's a difficult one. I guess it would be that the invention of electricity has turned out to have been one of mankinds most glaring errors. The EMR that always accompanies the deployment of electrical and electronic devices, blocks the flow of Etheric Energy and it is this dynamic that has caused so many problems for the natural world. Orgonite is the only compound that removes EMR and this is why it is so valuable to all life on earth".

Orgonite are said to help with everyday protection from harmful EMF radiation, which creates incoherent orgone energy that negatively effects biological organisms... including us!

It is believed that the main benefits of orgone are:

- Removal of negative and stagnant energy, replacing with positive, along with decreased exposure to EMF (electromagetic pollution)

- Purifying the atmosphere in the area (a plain medium to high density orgonite will constantly clean a room).

From that, it is believed the added benefits of better energy in the area, can be:

- Balanced moods (some relief from mental and physical stress)

- More vitality and energy (radiates positive energy)

- Better sleep (and sometimes vivid dreams)

- Increased resistance to illness

- Create more harmonious home, workplace and vegetation zones

- Aids in meditation and spiritual growth

- Grounding force and clarity in thoughts

- Some claim it can energize food, water, herbs and supplements

- Enhance growth of any vegetation around them (can also be placed in floral or vegetable gardens)

Orgonite is often used along with other natural, holistic, naturopathic, homeopathic, Reiki, message therapy & healing touch applications.


Scientifically, it is not an orgonite if it doesn't have at least 50% metal (minimum). You will need to get at least half of the volume of the resin piece, in metal (swarf/shavings work best) for it to be a true/real orgonite.

***A true Ogonite (basic orgonite) is made of only three materials:

  • Metal shavings (a conductive material) bound in and separated by resin. The metal must make up at least 50% of volume in an orgonite piece. There is a chart about various metal options below.

  • Resin (a non-conductive material, this is also referred to as the organic component ). Epoxy is an organic compound made up of chains of carbon linked to other elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, or nitrogen.

  • Natural crystal stone (often raw quartz crystal) but any genuine Quartz type crystal can be used.

In addition to these 3 basic materials, some orgonite makers like to add a pinch of beach sand (quartz type), copper tensor ring(s), or copper coils, some add a variety of metals. It is also said that using various types of metals in the piece (often added in different cascading densities from fine to medium to course), can result in stronger Orgonite. Larger pyramids should ideally be mostly metal shavings.

Some makers will also add extra gemstones and/or sacred element symbols to their pieces in their desire to add the metaphysical elements &/or healing properties on top of the orgonites main use. As long as the Orgonite contains a minimum of 50% metal to resin (or more), and a Quartz crystal, it's still considered an orgonite, but if there is less then 50% metal to resin ratio, the piece will not be effective as a working orgonite (mitigating the EMF), and is more so a crystal resin art piece.

It's okay to have a small picture window (clear resin) to display/view the crystal(s) and/or coils at the apex, but large clear resin spaces, or alternating layers of crystal, metal is a sacrifice in energy (not correct technique for true orgonite). Added layers of crystal do little energetically for emf mitigation, they just flavour the metaphysical energy, and while added crystals look lovely, More metal makes orgonite stronger, not more crystals or other embelishments.

Orgonite without quartz in it can in the long run, become clogged up (with DOR). The crystal is considered essential for the conversion of DOR to POR, otherwise the orgonite becomes merely an orgone accumulator (which is not what Orgonite is).

Added Note: Try not to completely bury a coiled quartz, they like to have some breathing room. A good rule of thumb for a strong Orgonite device, is use 2/3 of the total volume of the piece for metals. The more metals present in an Orgonite device, the better. That should help you better feel the energy you are after. It is perfectly fine to make a beautiful piece, just don't do so at the cost of the device's power potential.


Orgonites do not have to be made strictly in pyramid or any particular shape. You can use silicone muffin trays or any mould shape you like. Orgonites do not need all types of fancy colours, gemstones or bling, just plain crystal quartz, metal & resin (in correct ratio).

The most simple, basic and effective orgonite is really as simple as:

Put a raw quartz crystal stone in a mould.

Cover it with metal shavings (often referred to as swarf).

Pour in some resin until saturated.

Once cured, remove from mould and it is ready to go to work.


For orgonites, metal shavings are preferred. Metal shavings (preferably spiral form or similar) when effectively insulated from one another with resin; perform in a similar way to electrical inductors in conducting and storing the ambient electromagnetic radiation in the body of the orgonite.

The crystal component in the orgonite converts this electromagnetic charge into heat through the process of electro-striction (crystal naturally vibrates/oscillates when subjected to an electrical current or field), which effectively converts the EMR into heat which escapes harmlessly allowing more EMR to be removed from the area in a continuous process.

EMR disrupts the etheric field and removing EMR (electromagnetic radiation) allows the positive etheric energy to return.

Also note, if you mix powdered metal (copper, iron oxide, whatever) in to the resin before pouring, and then pour that mix into a regular swarf mix, the fine particles between the regular swarf block/clog the flow of EMF within the piece. So if the insulation between the individual inductors is bridged due to the presence of fine metal powder or whatever; they will become short-circuited and their efficiency will be compromised. The extent to which this happens will depend on the size and density of the fine metal particles, but in any respect; it's difficult to see how such impurities could do anything but disrupt the working of the orgonite.

What makes the simplest orgonite special is its unique ability to reduce or completely remove the EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from its immediate surroundings and it does this in the way as described above.


Wilhelm Reich (some folks refer to as the inventor of orgonite)…. However, it is important to note, Reich's device he invented was an orgone accumulator, and it is NOT the same device as an orgonite. Reich did not make Orgonite!!!

Reich’s original concepts (such as the orgone accumulator), brought many scientists from all over the world to study his works.

But, It is important to see where they are different...

"An orgone accumulator & an Orgonite may be considered in the same family, but they are not on the same matrix.... and very different effects. "

While Reich’s orgone accumulator device was (accumulating) scrubbing and storing DOR (deadly orgone radiation), it wasn't regenerating/transmuting it into positive life energy (orgonite) healthy POR (positive orgone radiation.

Advancing further on Reich's invention, Karl Welz created the first basic orgone generator device that was named Orgonite.

Don (& Carol) Croft advanced Orgonite further yet, and are who most credit with originally making the tactical Orgonite as we know it today.

Note Orgonite making….. The idea of layers of metal, then crystal , then metal, then crystal and so on, is incorrect..... not only a waste of crystal but a waste of energy.

The organic component in orgonite IS the resin, being made of long chains of carbon polymers ..The inorganic is the metal shavings ...Orgonite is an induction matrix .. the metal particles being coated / insulated by the resin, act as electrical inductors which attract surrounding frequencies , which the quartz neutralises / converts to a beneficial energy via it's “electrostriction“ properties , (the converse to piezoelectric property). So in essence...the greater the volume of metal shavings , the stronger the orgonite.


Aluminum in orgonite works very well, similar but second to copper. At one time there was a smear campaign against aluminum, but it is actually a great metal for orgonite. Copper is very expensive right now, so aluminum is an excellent option that works equally to copper for use in orgonites.

Metals of many kinds can be used in orgonite: Steel, copper, aluminum, brass etc., will all have a similar effect when combined with resin and crystal in the correct proportions.

Aluminum is often favoured because it is generally clean and weighs less than other metals, which makes it ideal for orgonite vendors who regularly send their products through postal systems.

More important about the metal, is the size of the individual pieces of metal.

If they are too big, then there will be too much space between them for resin and the 50/50 proportion of resin to metal will not be achieved.

Conversely, if the shavings are too small (powder form), too little resin will separate them resulting in too much metal compared to resin. Metal dust discussed above, can clog the energy flow, through the shaving.

Rounded bb style shape doesn't work, because it doesn't allow for the energy to be inducted through it.

The reason metal swarf is necessary is because it is what creates the induction matrix. The fine individual metal shavings when insulated from one another by the long strands of polycarbons (the resin) acts like an electrical wire that inducts the energy through the matrix. It's the same reason experienced OG makers tend to stay away from metal powders as well. Too fine a surface area. It creates a block rather than induction.

In general, a random mixture of metal shavings (swarf), makes a stronger orgonite than shavings of an all uniform size and type.. Some orgonite makers when layering in a mould (such as in a pyramid), like to go for more artistic creations which, again is fine as long as the correct ratios are still adhered to. Some orgonite makers like to put their larger (or thicker) metal in lower layers, and smaller (thinner) metal pieces in upper layers. ( cascading density through the piece, is said to add more strength).


Here is a link to the (baligifter) site with a wealth of knowledge, and many years experience in orgonites. Be sure to read the question answer section in the link as well for additional important knowledge ...


How to make very basic orgonites:

Example of basic, easy, quick yet very effective true orgonites (this puck shape style is often referred to by makers as TB's (tower busters):

1. Pour a thin layer of resin in the bottom of a mould. Then place a crystal quartz in the mould.

2. Then place metal shavings inside your mould.

3. Pour resin over top the metal shavings. (Keeping in mind the formula for a true orgonite is at a minimum of 50% metal). I added a transparent tint colour to my resin in these examples.

4. Once cured remove your orgonites from the mould and place them in desired helpful areas.

These pieces had a transparent resin tint colour added to them. The added transparent resin colourant will not effect the energy of the orgonite in any way.


Example of decorative resin art pyramid or crystal pyramid, not Orgonite pyramid:

These two resin pyramids have beautiful crystals along with a bit of metal added throughout, with some pretty colours as well as bling. They are cool, pretty, and decorative pieces, but they are not true orgonites (since they do not consist of 50% metal).


There are a variety of resins that can be used to make orgonites, the choice will be dependant on how deep your mould is, and how you choose to layer. When working with epoxy, Typically a casting resin will be used for most pieces . If pouring in shallow layers you can use any of the topcoating resins as long as the layers do not go over 1/4" depth, per layer (so the resin doesn’t overheat).

Many Orgonite makers use polyester resin, if they are able to create them outdoors, not inside their home.


Examples of where you can use orgonite:

Try making your own personal orgonite pendant or pocket piece, to see if wearing the piece helps you to experience more positive energy.

You can make orgone pendant (other jewellry) to help with or pocket orgonites (great for gifting to students for wifi protection at schools). (You can make in numerous small shapes including skull, heart & 1/2 round style, or those small chocolate making type moulds).

Tower busters (TB's)

The name ‘Tower Buster’ derives from its primary use which is to convert the negative energy from a single telecommunications tower into positive orgone. First we need to select a suitable mould in which to cast the TB.


These can be put in bedroom, by microwave, computer, modem, power box, smart meter, fridge, tv, car, work spaces & workplaces, or gift to cell towers and other nefarious sites. Some people like to bury underground at N, S, E & W quadrants of home (may choose to use a less expensive resin if burying underground - like a polyurethane resin, but they're very toxic when mixing so never mix this type inside a home. Once cured they're inert like all resins). These TB's are great workhorses and don't need to be pretty or full of bling.


When asked if people feel different with orgonite around, here are some interesting answers:

- "I feel grounded and lighter. Seems to be less brain fog... less irritation at life. A calmer chi."

- "After putting a small orgonite in my car, I feel less road rage."

- "In my country, Germany, there is much air pollution (chemtrails). I put more orgone around home, and in garden. A bit like a war. They add more, I add more. Orgone helps me."

- "Can't be without it, orgonite changed my life."

- "More peaceful and quiet."

- "I sleep way better. Working the overnight shift - sleeping during the day was not always that great. Since implementing orgonite I am able to get very deep sleep and sometimes it's actually even hard to wake up."

- "I rotate orgonite on turn tables (record players) to expand its reach. In addition to health improvements, rotating orgonite has improved the behavior of my neighbours who are about 75 yards away on either side.”


Additional items/resources you may need when making your own:

Use Nitrile gloves only with resins (latex, vinyl & rubber are not chemical resistant). You can buy nitrile gloves at hardware stores, automotive stores, Costco, paint stores, drug stores & online.

Cover your work area with plastic drop sheets.

Cups for mixing your resin.

Popsicle sticks for stirring, or plastic stir sticks.

Moulds in any shape or size can be purchased through mould makers worldwide (search your area to support local mold makers too, check etsy, & amazon). You can also purchase silicone baking moulds from anywhere that sells kitchen items. Small moulds for making chocolates can also be used for smaller pieces. Keep in mind when purchasing a mould, that if the mould has a matte finish, your piece will also come out with a matte finish. Look for a shiny finish on your mould, in order to have your piece come out with a shiny finish as well.

For metals, you can also purchase stainless steel &/or copper pot scrubbers at dollar stores, Peavy Mart, Canadian Tire and many local stores, and cut them to sizes needed.

You can buy copper wire at hardware stores. Great for wrapping your crystal if you choose to do so, or if you would like to make tensor rings to add to your orgonites.

Metal Shavings (swarf) sources: try

  • Engineer workshops where they use a lathe (take a bucket) .

  • metal recyclers

  • aluminium and door manufacturers (finer swarf from behind the dropsaws) and

  • locksmith for brass keyshavings....

  • Sometimes they are free ... but you may have to pay as they recycle it ... If you find for free, give them a bit of orgonite next time you go back .

For Quartz resources: try local lapidary & gemstone stores. Ebay is ok, you can buy bulk quartz points. All types of crystal quartz works. If desired, use your nice crystal points for your pyramids & cones, in the visual areas where they'll be seen, and use up any other crystal quartz in with the metals of your pucks/TB's or other Orgonite shapes.

If making jewellry orgonites, look for eye pins, jump rings, earring hooks, chains and other jewellry needs. You may need a few pairs of pliers.


Orgone is the universal life energy, also known as prana, chi, ether, zero point energy, elan vital, animal magnetism and so many other names are used to describe this phenomenon.

Orgone is the name of the energy, whereas orgonite is the material compound that restores and enhances the free flow of the universal orgone life energy.

Orgonite is never harmful, unless you throw it at someone.

Orgonite does not need to be charged. It is constantly producing positive energy by converting DOR to POR.

Some makers say you can try a test with your orgonite in the freezer (but be careful because that (freezing) has on occasion cracked/damaged said orgonite (so maybe just do the test with a practice piece). Place a glass or jar of water on top of the piece of orgonite in the freezer. A tornado style spin toroidal field will be created. The quartz inside an orgonite device takes on all the chaoatic disorder (via electro-striction) that is being attracted to the orgone device, and sending the orgone back out fully re-organized (quantum coherence). When the water is at room temperature the orgone device is causing the water to spin on the atomic level, and when it freezes and crystalizes, the water is showing the structure that it has been spinning at.

Have fun making new things, & enjoy your creative process! 🎨🎨🎨


ArtWorks Resin Canada

Please Note: The information provided here is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Orgonite products are not recognized or approved by the FDA. information provided are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. This information is anecdotal, and is provided for educational purposes only. It is not meant to be taken as medical advice. See a health care professional for medical advice.

This Orgonite example, has a crystal quartz stone in the top, and some rose quartz. The largest lower section is filled with aluminum shavings, then a layer of brass shavings, & a copper tensor ring in the bottom, plus a pinch of garnet sand & some transparent red tint added for colour.

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