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Removing Epoxy Resin from your Skin

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Ideally use nitrile gloves when working with any and all epoxy resins.

Regardless of how careful you are, sometimes you accidentally end up with epoxy resin on your skin. If you get epoxy on your skin, you may experience contact dermatitis or skin inflammation. That is certainly no picnic, but it is no reason to panic as long as you know how to remove epoxy resin from skin safely. (If you’ve had any bad reaction though, please seek further guidance from a doctor). Remove epoxy resin before it cures since it is much easier to remove uncured epoxy.

Never use alcohol, acetone, or vinegar, to remove epoxy from your skin. These are all are solvents that breaks down epoxy, and while great for removing it off surfaces, these should not be used on your skin because they also open pours and allow our skin to absorb the chemicals easier.

There are options to have on hand for removal:

  • premade sugar or salt scrubs.

  • mechanics hand scrub & degreasers (like GoJo, or others without solvents).

  • Kirkland (Costco) make up wipes work in a pinch if you’re not near water. Some people find baby wipes can work too. Wash after with mild soap & water once you can.

Below are two examples of recipes you can make for a home-made Sugar Scrub or Salt Scrub, that resin artists find helpful for Removing Epoxy Resin safely from your skin (from items you likely have at home).

There are many more recipes online as well, & some use a sea salt instead of sugar. Just watch for recipes that don’t contain solvents. Note that salt scrubs tend to be a bit more abrasive on the skin, so if your skin is sensitive stick to the sugar scrubs.


Basic Sugar scrub


  • 1/4 cup hemp seed, olive or coconut oil

  • 1 cup organic cane sugar(available at walmart)

  • 15-20 drops orange essential oil (or any scent that you like). Leave unscented if preferred or sensitive.

Mason jar or other storage container


Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined then add to your jar or sealed container.

Application directions:

Use about ¼ teaspoon along with any mild soap of your choice.

Rub vigorously and rinse thoroughly. Your hands will be epoxy free, feel soft, and smell wonderful! 😊

*** Make sure to scoop out of your jar or container with a spoon so as not to contaminate the whole jar..😉


Basic Salt Scrub

  • 1 cup of fine (not course) ground sea salt (Dead Sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, Black lava sea salt or Epsom Salt). Epsom salt is not a salt, but is made up of magnesium sulphate which is famous for its muscle soothing benefits. Epsom salt is particularly good for people with skin conditions or those tough areas that require extra scrubbing.

  • 1/4 cup of carrier oil: olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil or almond oil

  • 10-20 drops of essential oil: eucalyptus (spa-like), lemon (fresh), lavender (relaxation) but there’s a huge list of options. Any scent you love or leave unscented if preferred or sensitive.

  • 1 tbsp “optional” add-ins: such as coffee grinds, almond meal, herbs (chamomile and lavender).

Store in a small mason jar or sealed container.

For removing epoxy, use roughly 1/4 tsp scrub with mild gentle soap of your choice. Rub over entire area, rinse well.

*** Make sure to scoop out of your jar or container with a spoon so as not to contaminate the whole jar..😉

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