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Epoxy Resin Tumblers

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

For beginners 1ml of resin per oz of cup (with no glitter or texture), is suggested amount of resin to use. iCoat MV Medium Viscosity or iCoat CT60 countertop Epoxy work well on cups due to the thicker viscosity & higher gloss. Thinner viscosity such as iCoat TP21 can be used as well. TP21 is a much thinner viscosity (like water), so take that in to account when trying to cover a cup.

On a 20oz tumbler, you can expect to use roughly 25-30ml of iCoat MV Resin depending on the type of glitter used. 

**Chunky glitter takes more resin.  Some tumbler makers like to use anywhere from 2-3 coats of epoxy, but chunky glitter usually is 3 coats for the nicest finish.

Tumblers with iCoat countertop epoxies can be shipped out after 5 days. But as per all resin items, never package resin items directly touching any plastic materials.

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