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Buy 5 or more colourant products, and receive 5% off total order, enter Multi5 at check out.

Buy 10 or more colourant products, and receive 10% off total order, enter Muilt10 at check.

Colourants include, mica pigment powders, epoxy pastes, resin tints (applies to all items under the SHOP Colour tab only). Offer available on in stock items. Items are listed under their categories. *If order is placed and coupon used that does not meet correct conditions to use said coupon, order will be refunded and cancelled (No Exceptions). Only one coupon/promo code per transaction will be accepted by website. If you have different ones to use, you will need to do so through separate transactions.

Canada Wide shipping is included on orders totaling over $25 (soon increasing to total of $30). 

Colourants included under this SHOP Colour tab include:

ArtWorks Liquid Epoxy Pigments

Colour Passion Pigment Powders

Colour Passion Epoxy Pigment Pastes

Colour Passion Transparent Tints

Colour Passion Glitters (are not colourants rather they are inclusions/embellishments so they)

are located under the SHOP Other tab. 

Colour Passion All products

Colour Passion Information is (not in the SHOP Colour area but it is) located under their Information tab.

Le'Rez Expressions Pigment Powders

Le'Rez Expressions Epoxy Pigment Pastes

Le'Rez Expressions Transparent Tints

Le'Rez Expressions Glitters (are not colourants rather they are inclusions/embellishments so they)

are located under the SHOP Other tab.

Le'Rez Expressions All products

Le'Rez Expressions Information is (not in the SHOP Colour area but it is) located under their Information tab.




***Each brand has their own "SHOP tab" under their designated Shop by categories. 


The colourants can be organized alphabetically by colour name, under their brand tab.   If you like to view the variety of options by "like colourant options" (seeing all of our in stock purple options together, or blue options together, etc)., click the "SHOP All" tab, and scroll way down to each colour zone.  There, you can view like colours in groupings, starting with whites & cream, followed by yellows & golds, oranges & coppers, reds, pinks & rose golds, purples, blues, greens, blacks, greys & silvers, browns & brass/bronze, and then multi.


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