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Photographing Resin ... A Few Options

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

One suggestion you can do without a professional setup is to get 2 LED shop lights to the side of your work at 45 degrees. Hang a large black sheet behind you to eliminate reflection. This setup gives you diffuse lighting, and gets rid of a light source directly behind you. You'll also want to wrap some black material around your tripod so it doesn't reflect light from your shop lights.

Another suggestion I have received is many lights all with warm 40 watt and a few at 60. Then try to have some light bouncing off walls/ceiling. ..........

Ideally, when you can, best light is outside morning light. Try to photograph outside on a overcast day. It can be the perfect photographers diffuser for less glare. No flash.


For smaller pieces, there are online options on eBay, to purchase soft box lighting and you can try to angle the glare to the edge of the piece. ..........

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