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Selling Your Art & Creations

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

There are numerous options of places to list your art & creations for sale.

For wall art, there are artwork sites that you can be a part of and they'll offer website options attached to theirs at a discount to you.

For crafts and wall art, it is often recommended, & some people enjoy going the Etsy route for convenience to sell your creations. It can work well for some people. But know you need to put in the work to direct people there. They do have high fees though. Some artists prefer to avoid Etsy fees, & taking time directing people to their Etsy page, then get frustrated seeing Etsy showing your competitors work, when they search your name, look into a few other options as well to compliment or instead depending on how it works for you.

First thing you maybe should do, is get your artist Facebook page & Instagram page set up (if you haven’t already). Then start posting those links wherever you can. Learn how to hashtag on Instagram really well. When you post to Instagram, have your facebook artist page linked so it automatically posts their too.

There’s often support local groups where you live, plus FB marketplace you can start with.

When you’re ready, create your own webpage (there’s numerous low cost options or groups), that you can send people to & link in all your social media posts.

Don’t worry about follower numbers, focus on quality buyers.

When you get too many numbers you might not have time to reply to all, & lose out on those buying customers you don’t have time to reply to.

Another area growing is TikTok, when you’re ready, & you have somewhere legitimate (website or type of online store), to direct buyers to.

Check out your local city/town art society’s too, for opportunities that come up. they often have networking opportunities as well,

Also, watch for lots of local libraries, town halls, coffee shops, breakfast restaurants, hair/nail/spa salons, some dentist or other local offices might be participants in showcasing local artists work on rotation.

Sometimes these opportunities come up via your city/town hall social programs, contact them to get on their contact lists for events that may be suited. These often don’t add commission fees.

Once you’ve done all the above, & you’ve got enough product built up, start looking into tourist attraction areas near you. These locations often have more buyers then in residential & especially rural areas. Gift shops & floral shops may also be interested.

Note: If going this retail route, be prepared to share your mark up, they need their commissions too.

If you participate in retail/resale sales route, support them by never ever ever undercutting price of your pieces publicly (anywhere), to what they are trying to sell retail for you. That’s bad business practice. Ensure your web or their marketed prices are at least the same as what’s in your (stockist/gallery) retail outlets, so you don’t make your resellers look bad. If you choose, you can privately offer a different (or sale) price for friends, family or whatever, but publicly listed prices should reflect the same pricing, that anyone representing you sells for.

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