ArtWorks Resin is a high quality resin that was developed specially for Artwork, and is also used for coatings, tables, tumblers, counters, trays, coasters, cheeseboards, doming & more. Fast curing. Some people like to use it in very shallow moulds as well (keeping in mind it should only be poured in shallow (less then 1/4" layer). See product information tab for more details, directions and information. FDA Compliant, No VOC's, medium viscosity. This is a very hard curing resin.

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Liquid Diamonds Casting Resin high quality resin, was developed for use in moulds, casting, jewelry, pen making, custom knifes, lathe work, various crafts & more. ​See Product Information tab for more details, instructions and information. FDA Compliant, No VOC's, low viscosity (like water) so it keeps bubbles to a minimum. This is a hard curing resin.

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ArtWorks Resin available in 5 sizes:

  • 8 oz kits

  • 32 oz kits

  • 64 oz kits

  • 1 Gallon kits

  • 2 Gallon kits

Liquid Diamonds Casting Resinavailable in 4 sizes:

  • 12 oz kits

  • 24 oz kits

  • 96 oz kits (3/4 gal)

  • 1.5 Gallon kits 

  • 3 Gallon kits coming soon

 We have 2 handy resin calculators on website for coating needs & casting needs.

 Resin Calculator Tab at top of the page.

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