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100% Canadian Owned and Operated (All orders over $30 include shipping Canada wide).



Artists love variety when creating, so we are now happy to offer a variety of resin options stocked here in Canada,  


iCoat Products .

Two Art/Countertop resins are available: 

iCoat CT60 - High heat Countertop/Art resin (High viscosity, 500F scorch resistant),

iCoat MV - High heat Countertop/Art resin (Medium viscosity, 500F scorch resistant),


Four Casting resin options:

iCoat CE4100 HV Casting Resin (1:1 Med-High Viscosity),

iCoat  TP21 Casting Resin (2:1 Low Viscosity, Hard Cure),

Coming soon - iCoat TP24 Casting Resin (2:1 Med-Low Viscosity, Hard Cure),

iCoat Depth - Deep Pour Casting Resin (Low Viscosity, pour up to 4"),

iCoat 2112 Urethane - Non-Yellowing high gloss clear coat, primer & sealer for wood, and also works great as a fast set for tumblers applying glitter & fabric. 

iCoat Products Information Tab.

***To see the characteristics of each of these resins, please see the blog post all about the variety of resins available here.

Please note:  If you are looking for ArtWorks Epoxy Resin or Liquid Diamonds Casting Resin, we are no longer distributing those epoxy resins in Canada.  As of June 2022, we are clearing out the remaining kits we have.

 We have 2 handy resin calculators on website for coating needs & casting needs.

 Resin Calculator Tab at top of the page on the menu bar.

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